How do I make a loop point in a MIDI using Anvil Studio?

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Supporting builds of the OHRRPGCE (see Note below) use midi controller event #111 (0x6F) as a loop point. Inserting this event is very easy using Anvil Studio.

First, open up your song. Next, select your first track. Then, go into compose mode, and set the cursor to the point at which you want it to loop. Go to Edit->Insert MIDI Controller Event, and the following window should pop up:


Ensure that Show all controller events is checked off, and and select "Event: b06f" in the Kind of Event box. Finally, hit Ok. The loop point is now embedded in your song! Just save, and you're ready to go.

Important Note![edit]

Midi loop points only work if you are using the music_native or music_native2 music backends. These are not the default backends for the current stable version, due to various bugs. Furthermore, they have received much less testing. If you want to use midi loop points, you should use this build: or this These two builds are identical except for the way they play MIDI files. Some say the second is better.

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