Talk:How do I make a loop point in a MIDI using Anvil Studio?

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Kizul: Hmm, I noticed you changed the title of the question. The reason I used an 'an' was because I pronounce MIDI as an acronym rather than 'middy', like other people pronounce it. :)

Also, thank you Mike for answering my question. :D

Mike C.: You're welcome :)

Andrusi: The phrasing here is a bit unclear. Do I put one event in the MIDI, and then when it reaches the end it automatically loops back to that point? Or do I need to put another event at the end, or what? Neither works for me, and I'm trying to figure out which one I'm supposed to be doing so I can try to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Bob the Hamster: Are you using a music_native build? Midi loop points don't work at all with music_sdl builds (the default)

Andrusi: I suppose that would explain it--I'm using Ubersetzung as produced by the Windows installer.

Bob the Hamster: You can just take the exe files from and replace the ubersetzung-installed ones (don't forget plotscr.hsd too)