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ohrtool1 is a collection of command-line programs written in C by User:Zzo38, for dealing with OHRRPGCE related stuff. (Download) This software is public domain and includes both source-codes and Windows binaries.


This program converts a BAM file into commands for a OPL2 sound chip, and writes the results to a VGM file. This is similar to what BAM players will do, except that it writes to a file instead of to the hardware directly, and some special dealing with infinite loops (without special handling of infinite loops, the program would just run forever).

Only nine channels can be used, since OPL2 only has nine channels.

Play back the resulting file using VGMPlay, which includes a OPL2 emulator, so you need not have an actual OPL2 chip in order to play back music converted using this program. (Note that bamtovgm does not include an emulator.)


Loads data from certain positions in one binary file and overwrites part of another file with the data. For example, you can use it to change the GEN lump (when extracted using hamarc) with the correct maximum picture numbers, in case the graphics are being worked on independently by another person in another computer with their own copy of the file, they can be merged using a shell script which invokes gensplice and hamarc.


Allows dealing with lumped files; supports more options than the official unlump program. Since it can use pipes, this means it can be combined with various other things in shell scripts.

Note that compiled Hamster scripts can also be used with this; for example if you don't want COMMANDS.BIN you can delete it by using this program.


Used to create data for OHRRPGCE games using external text editors, preprocessors, etc. Currently supports enemies and attacks.

It includes its own macro facility; it can be used to create your own macros, and you can also see how all of the standard macros are implemented using this.


Converts between the FNT format used in OHRRPGCE and the 8-line PC format (for which a lot more programs exist for dealing with). (You can then use hamarc to add it into the RPG file.)

The default character pictures 0-31 are included with the program and can optionally tell the program to replace them with the defaults.


This program is used to create sound effects. The list of commands is specified in the input file and is executed in order, which then creates a 8-bit mono WAV file on output, and can be imported into OHRRPGCE by converting to Ogg format.