When I attack my enemies they don't die, Why?

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There are several things that could cause this problem

Mistake in Hero Data[edit]

Check to make sure your hero is actually inflicting damage on the enemy. Did you remember to give the hero strength? Do damage numbers actually appear?

Mistake in Enemy Data[edit]

Did you set the enemy's defence too high? Did you give the enemy too much HP?

Mistake in Attack Data[edit]

Several settings could result in attacks that will never kill the target

  • Extra damage set to -100
  • Target Stat set to anything other than HP
  • Cure instead of Harm bitset turned on
  • Show damage without inflicting bitset turned on
  • Reset target stat to maximum before hit bitset turned on (if damage is less than target HP)

A Bug[edit]

You might have encountered Bug #184, which causes enemies to get stuck when they start to die. If so, please inform the developers directly. The conditions that cause this bug are not well understood, so they need help producing a simple test-case. Be sure to mention as much information as possible about the specific attack you are using to kill the enemies.

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