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The OHRRPGCE has had a tradition of everyone learning to draw their own graphics for their games - whether people felt up to it or not - but now thanks to several freely usable graphics packs designed for the OHRRPGCE, you don't have to draw anything if you really don't want to.

These are images contributed by OHR users. For the most part, they are free to use, but some may have certain license restrictions. Be sure to check with the specific resources to be sure.

If you use free resources, please give credit and abide by the wishes of the author.

When posting resources, they must be either public domain or creative-commons or otherwise with some kind of automatic permission for use in games (e.g. allow arbitrary use with attribution, or non-commercial only, or...).

Resources on the Wiki[edit]

These links lead to separate pages on the Wiki for different resources. Most if not all the resources here are created by users of the OHR and are free to use. If you are in doubt as to whether or not they require attribution, check the information included with each set or contact the creator of the resource.

OHRRPGCE graphics resources[edit]


These are not resources per se, but rather templates that can be used to create sprites.

Other resources[edit]

  • has a great deal of game art freely available under permissible licenses.
  • FreeArtSearch lets you search a long list of repositories of free game art, especially from existing games which have released their graphics for use
  • Assemblee: Part 1 Announcement, Forum. "The art and music that was created for the competition will be released to the public under certain provisions (non-commercial, credit given, etc.)."

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