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Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams
Sojpd title.png
Developer(s) RPGCreations
Website N/A
Release date July 31, 2005
Genre RPG
Download Android (Google Play)
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Linux (tarball)
Linux (deb)
(Version July 30 2015)
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Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams is made by Michael 'FyreWulff' Kidder and Kevin 'Charbile' Loan. Mikael 'Royal' Hogstrom did the original, removed graphics before Kevin joined the team in 1999. Both Kevin and Mike worked under the name of RPGCreations, their unincorporated company.

Music tracks are composed by Colin 'JazzMan' Sandall, Robert Henson, and various other musicians who are credited in the game's documentation.

Hype Line[edit]

Who are you? Who are they? Have you discovered yourself, or left the treasure to others? Answer these questions in the Most Anticipated game for the OHRRPGCE (OHR Monthly, OHR Lounge).

Plot Synopsis[edit]

After his fall from grace from the group that calls themselves "Protectors", Dogero questions his role in society. Ready to accept defeat, he is confronted by a long lost friend, who inspires him to keep his dreams alive.

Source Code and Updates[edit]

On March 28, 2006, the game's HamsterSpeak source was released to the public under the RPL license. Shortly after, an SVN repository was set up where one may download a nightly updated version of the game, which is no longer in use.

The game is now open to community contributions, as the authors no longer have the time to update this game to the latest engine features. Anybody can make upgrades and contributions to the game as long as they follow the rules in the JADE-LICENSE.TXT file included with the game.

The scripts are available for download here.

Notable Features and History[edit]

Realistic Time Synthesis (RTS)[edit]

While playing SoJPD, the time of day progesses - up to 4 different phases. The time does affect the story and gameplay.


Thanks to an afternoon The Mad Cacti spent playing around with the limits of the RPG Format, the original releases of Sword of Jade are not editable in CUSTOM.EXE, and they exhibit many strange bugs with recent OHR versions (including xocolatl). FyreWulff has dubbed this "Jadestone". These problems are still unfixed, however re-releases such as the SVN nightlies and Community Edition do not include Jadestone.

Time spent in Development[edit]

Sword of Jade started development in late 1998 and early 1999. It was finally completed 6 years later in 2005.



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