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Xocolatl is the ancient Aztec word for "Chocolate". Lacking convenient microwave ovens, the ancient Aztecs made "Hot Chocolate" by adding hot pepper to xocolatl. Mmmm! Delicious! And Burny!

Xocolatl was also a previous stable release of the OHRRPGCE. The spicy new features in this release included character portraits in text boxes, customizable text box borders, and the NPC-per-map limit increased from 36 to 100. See whatsnew.txt for all the details.

Xocolatl+ was released one day later, and included Character Portraits in Vikings of Midgard

Xocolatl+2 was released on April 3 2009. It included no new features, but did include a bunch of bugfixes.

Preceded by Version Release Date Succeeded by Current version
Werewaffle 2008-10-02 (03 +) (2009-04-03 +2) Ypsiliform hróðvitnir

History of Release Dates