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Werewaffle was a previous version of the OHRRPGCE. This release is named for the horrible monster that you will become if you are bitten by a buttery-delicious belgian waffle with real maple syrup and lingonberries under the light of a full moon.

Amongst the myriad of new features that are included in the Werewaffle release are:

  • Numerous performance improvements, especially to scripting.
  • Fill tool for the tilemap editor.
  • Mark/Clone brush tool in the sprite editor and the maptile editor.
  • New default Master Palette for new games.
  • Each tilemap layer can now use a different tileset.
  • Shops display equippability
  • Various new attack bitsets, enemy bitsets, sound triggers, etc.
  • The mouse is vastly more usable in the sprite and tile editors.
  • Scads of bugfixes
  • A nifty new revision of Vikings of Midgard


On August 20th 2008, werewaffle+ was released. It fixes several sound and music-related bugs missed in the original werewaffle release.

Preceded by Version Release Date Succeeded by Current version
Voxhumana August 16 2008 (+ August 20 2008) Xocolatl hróðvitnir

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