How do I report a bug?

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We always like to hear about bugs. If you find a bug, don't assume that we already know about it, don't assume somebody else will report it, and please don't just work around the bug without mentioning it!

In fact, reporters of bugs are thanked here!

How to report?[edit]

You can report bugs post them directly on the GitHub bug list if you have GitHub account.

You can report bugs on the forums and chatrooms (including the dedicated Discord #bug_reports channel), or send an email to the mailing list or to

Since fufluns, if you experience a crash or BUG! message on Windows, you should see a crash reporter window pop up asking whether you want to send a crash report. Pretty please click Send report, and it would be really nice if you also added a description of what happened!

Remember; a good bug-report provides as much information as possible. You will never hurt our feelings by giving us too much info.

If it is already a known bug[edit]

If the bug is already a known bug, we will be able to tell you whether or not it has already been fixed in the nightly wip builds, or whether we have a fix planned for the next release.

Is it a bug?[edit]

If you are not sure if something is a bug or an intended behavior, go ahead an report it. Even if it isn't a bug, your comments might be helpful for making a confusing feature easier to use.

Making a test case[edit]

If the bug only happens in certain circumstances that have to be created, such as a combination of attack settings, a testcase might be required to help us observe and understand the bug, or at least save us a lot of time.

A test case is a simple RPG which has the bare minimum required to reproduce the bug. So, it might have one NPC, one Hero, one walkabout (shared between the two) and a script, but nothing else. The less stuff in the RPG, the better.

Why? If you have 1000 scripts, 30 heroes, 25 NPCs on each map, and 900 tags in use, it will likely be considerably harder to track down the bug.

A simple test case makes it easy for us developers to reproduce the bug, and that makes the bug easier to fix.

Of course, creating such a test case can be time consuming, so you might want to first find out whether it's already a known bug.

Providing a save file[edit]

The next best thing after a dedicated simple testcase is to provide a game with a savefile for immediately before the bug occurs, preferably with irrelevant and time-consuming distractions (like long chains of dialogue boxes before a battle, or scripts running in the background) removed.

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