I've lost my scripts! How can I get them back?


If your game was made with Ypsiliform or newer[edit]

The original .hss script file can be recovered from an rpg file, fully intact. HSpeak automatically backs up all the script file into each HS it creates, which is in turn imported in a game. You will need the unlump.exe tool.

  • First run unlump gamename.rpg. This will create gamename.rpgdir
  • Next unlump gamename.rpgdir/ohrrpgce.hsp this will create gamename.rpgdir/ohrrpgce.unlmp
  • Next unlump gamename.rpgdir/ohrrpgce.unlmp/source.lumped this will create gamename.rpgdir/ohrrpgce.unlmp/source.unlmp
  • Look inside gamename.rpgdir/ohrrpgce.unlmp/source.unlmp and you will find your original .hss file (or hss files, if you used more than one)

If your game is older[edit]

Older versions of HSpeak don't backup your scripts files. It might still be possible to get something functionally equivalent to them (but totally mangled) using the HS Decompiler.