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Fnrrf Ygm Schnish (fuh-NURF YIG-um SCHNISH): A series of seemingly-unpronouncable and easily-misspelled nonsense words I made up around 1998 or so.

I've also been known as Dark Blubber (on the Castle Paradox forums, before I changed my username on there) and as Supernum on the old OHRRPGCE Help Me board way back in the stone age... if anyone else even remembers that one. I don't go by Dark Blubber anywhere anymore, so please avoid referring to my by that name and don't think it's me if you stumble across someone on another site using that name (there is apparently another Dark Blubber out there somewhere on the Internet, if I remember right.)

I make sound effects with SFXR sometimes when I'm bored, as you might notice from the Free Sound Effects page. A decent chunk of the OHR's "default" sound effects (everything from EnemyDeath to Powerup in the battle category, and then everything from CreepyNoise to Oddbounce in the misc. category) were actually made by me. So when you see my games using a lot of default sound effects, it's not because I couldn't make my own... those ARE the ones I made.

At the moment I'm working on three games: a game about a fat goofy cat called Teekee, a Pokémon tribute/parody/something-like-that called Puckamon and the latest in the line of games with "Fnrrf Ygm Schnish" in their titles, Fnrrf Ygm Schnish: Alleghany Hell School. I have a few other game ideas laying around, but haven't made enough progress with them to mention them here.

Currently I have only one completed game (that doesn't fall into the "things we don't talk about" category), which is Okédoké! La Leyenda Mexicana. I've also made a huge chunk of 8-bit-style graphics, which I released as free-to-use graphics for anyone who wants them. My most recent game releases have been a new demo of Puckamon for the first time since 2010 (consider it my 2016 Christmas present to you guys) and then, on November 1st of 2017, the first-ever demo release of Fnrrf Ygm Schnish: Alleghany Hell School.

What's next? Hard to say. It's possible that I'll just keep working on FYS:AHS while I'm in the mood for that one, though the full version release is probably still a ways away. It's possible that I'll release an updated demo when I finish the sewer sidequest, or maybe I'll wait until there's a bit more to the game's main story before that happens. I've done a little bit more work on Teekee in the past year or so, but I want that one to be 100% complete before I release another version of it. I'll also continue working on Puckamon, though unless the OHRRPGCE's reserve party space is expanded I'd be unlikely to actually release a new version even if I get enough done. (The upside to that is, I'll probably have enough done to release a full version the next time I release an update at all... barring the possibility of bugfix updates before then, anyway.)

I'm undecided about The K'hyurbhi Lands -- I may remake it, or I may abandon it entirely. I've wavered back and forth between these two options ("continue working on the game as it is" has dropped off the list of possibilities entirely) over the past couple years... a lot. For example, back at the beginning of 2016 I was actually coming up with plans for what I'd change when I started working on a remake... then a while later I was leaning toward "abandon it entirely"... and then there's been a thought since then about making it into a completely different sort of game, possibly not even using the OHRRPGCE. It's entirely possible that I might change my mind again multiple times before there's a definite decision on the subject. If I end up remaking it, it will get a new title, as "The K'hyurbhi Lands" was a last-minute "well, it has to have SOME title" decision rather than something I had in mind for the game for a while (the working title for it for over half of its development was "Project NKB," NKB standing for Numnum/K'hyurbhi/Blurby. The script files for it are still "nkb.hss" now, actually.)

And there's always the possibility that I'll get another idea and start working on something else entirely rather than finishing any of these anytime soon. XD