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Fnrrf Ygm Schnish (fuh-NURF YIG-um SCHNISH): A series of seemingly-unpronouncable and easily-misspelled nonsense words I made up around 1998 or so.

I make sound effects with SFXR sometimes when I'm bored, as you might notice from the Free Sound Effects page. A decent chunk of the OHR's "default" sound effects (everything from EnemyDeath to Powerup in the battle category, and then everything from CreepyNoise to Oddbounce in the misc. category) were actually made by me. So when you see my games using a lot of default sound effects, it's not because I couldn't make my own... those ARE the ones I made.

At the moment I'm working on three games: a game about a fat goofy cat called Teekee, a Pokémon tribute/parody/something-like-that called Puckamon and the latest in the line of games with "Fnrrf Ygm Schnish" in their titles, Fnrrf Ygm Schnish: Alleghany Hell School. I have a few other game ideas laying around, but haven't made enough progress with them to mention them here.

Currently I have only one completed game (that doesn't fall into the "things we don't talk about" category), which is Okédoké! La Leyenda Mexicana. I've also made a huge chunk of 8-bit-style graphics, which I released as free-to-use graphics for anyone who wants them. I may end up making a game with them myself at some point too, of course.

What's next? Hard to say. I had been working on a game that used my 8-bit graphics for the Heart of the OHR, but ended up losing interest part of the way through and never actually released it (though I suppose that game, in some form, is still a "maybe" for the future.) Priority #1 at this point is to finish Teekee, though. Why? Well... unfortunately, the real-life Teekee is no longer with us as of February 2019. So I want to get his game done as soon as possible. So far I haven't actually made much progress there, but maybe by the end of the year I'll have something to show. I'll also continue working on Puckamon, though unless the OHRRPGCE's reserve party space is expanded I'd be unlikely to actually release a new version even if I get enough done. (The upside to that is, I'll probably have enough done to release a full version the next time I release an update at all... barring the possibility of bugfix updates before then, anyway.) Alleghany Hell School is also on the "must finish" list, though taking a backseat to Teekee for now.

And there's always the possibility that I'll get another idea and start working on something else entirely rather than finishing any of these anytime soon. XD