What are the command-line arguments that the OHRRPGCE accepts?

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CUSTOM and GAME both support several command-line arguments. The available arguments sometimes change, and depend on your graphics backend, so you should run game -? or custom -? (or --help) to see a list of the options supported by your version. You will need to enable a different graphics backend to see help on arguments for it, for example game -gfx fb --help. Below is a partial list of common graphical arguments.

-w      Run in a window (default)
-f      Run full-screen

-z      Pixel zoom 
 1    Small screen with no zoom
 2    Zoom 2. Each pixel is doubled (default)
 3    Zoom 3. Each pixel is tripled (no full-screen support)
 4    Zoom 4. Each pixel is quadrupled

 0    No smoothing (default)
 1    Enable smoothing for -z 2 and -z 3

-v      Display version information