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Important Note The HowTo is currently undergoing a rewrite and therefore there are currently two versions of it!


Be sure to read the following important articles: An Important Note About Passwords and An important Note About Backups.

A number of HOWTO chapters are out of date. You might like to check whether the corresponding article in the new HOWTO has been written.

The first part of this HowTo is designed to be read in order, as you create a game from scratch. Later chapters are independent of each other.

HOWTO: Main Chapters[edit]

  1. Keyboard Conventions
  2. Getting Started
  3. Making Maptiles
  4. Making Walkabout Graphics
  5. Importing Graphics
  6. Moving on to Map Construction
    1. Using Map Layers
  7. Making a Hero
  8. Battles
  9. How to use NPCs and Tags
  10. Adding, Removing, Swapping, Heroes
  11. Animating Maptiles
  12. Vehicle Use
  13. Stun, Regen, Poison, and Mute
  14. Sound Effects
  15. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Text Boxes, But Were Afraid To Ask
    1. Portrait Boxes
  16. Distributing a Game

Ah! That is the end of the HOWTO. Do you feel enlightened? Next, see the Extra Tutorials below on specific topics you're interested in.

Anyone who is interested in helping by writing new chapters for the HOWTO can do so by adding a link in the In-progress Chapters section and filling in an article. You can also suggest a new topic by adding a link to the Suggested New Chapters section or leaving a note on the Talk:HOWTO page.

The new HowTo is a work in progress and most chapters are still blank. In the meantime see the existing HowTo above

Outline Of Proposed New Howto

Pixel-Art Tutorials[edit]

In-progress Chapters[edit]

Suggested New Chapters[edit]

To suggest a chapter, add a link to it here. It is important to remember that the purpose of HOWTO articles is to explain how to use the standard features, not to explain complicated methods of simulating features that don't exist using plotscripting. Stuff like that probably belongs in Category:Example Scripts

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