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The source code for the OHRRPGCE is available under the GPL license. You only need this if you are a programmer with a high tolerance for messy code (or if you are just really curious).

Getting the Source[edit]

The source code is stored in subversion, and you can also get it (and work on it) via the git-svn mirror (uploaded every 20 minutes to github and bitbucket). If for some reason you can't install a subversion or git client on your computer, the next best thing is to download an archive:

You can also view the source without a subversion/git client at:

Compiling the Source[edit]


Submitting Improvements[edit]

If you fix bugs, or make improvements, you can submit your fixes to be incorporated into the official version. If you downloaded the source code using subversion or git, it is easy to make a patch containing your changes. To create a patch, type the command:

 svn diff > patch_file_name.txt


 git diff > patch_file_name.txt

If you have been making changes to many different files, but only want your changes to one specific file to be included in the patch, you can specify the filename:

 svn diff game.bas > patch_file_name.txt

Then email the patch file to the mailing list.

Alternatively, if you obtained the source via git, feel free to submit a pull request on the bitbucket repository or send an email to TMC or the mailing list with a link to some other git repo.

Distributing your own version[edit]

Development Plans[edit]

For feature implementation plans, see the Plans page.

Mailing List[edit] discussion list
A mailing list for OHRRPGCE programmers to discuss OHRRPGCE development.
Plotscripting discussion and advanced game-making discussion are also welcome.

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A list of developers and contributors

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