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2021-09-13 Hróðvitnir

Do you like stable software releases? Do you like norse words that you have to google the pronunciation of? The hróðvitnir stable release of the OHRRPGCE brings SDL2 as the default backend on (almost) all platforms, a lovely re-write gamepad handling, a global pool of NPC definitions to share between any map, and more bugfixes than you can shake a modestly sized stick at! This release also celebrates the completion of Fenrir Lunaris's Vikings of Midgard. You get it for free with the OHRRPGCE's Windows installer, but if you are using another platform, or wish to pay-what-you-like, look here

2020-05-02 Gorgonzola

Another stable release, on a much better schedule! The highlight of Gorgonzola is sprite (and map layer) transparency! This means lighting is now possible too. There are six new enemy dissolve/appear effects. A lot of bugs were fixed too. See whatsnew for more.

2020-03-15 Buglists migrated to GitHub

All existing bug reports have finally been migrated to a replacement issue tracker on GitHub from our previous SourceForge and Bugzilla bug trackers (which has been offline since 2014). File your bugs and feature requests there instead of SourceForge (see Buglist for more information). From now on, we expect to be a lot more diligent in filing bugs where they belong instead of noting them in the margins of old receipts.

2020-01-12 Fufluns

This release was late! But don't worry, it is a hefty one! Highlights:

  • Games can be played with mouse or (mostly working) joystick
  • Spritesets and backdrops can be any size
  • Hero counter-attacks
  • Hero MP meters
  • Graphical browsers for sprites, attacks, enemies, maps, textboxes, etc.
  • Enemy Usage and Foemap Statistics screens
  • Menu item colors and real unselectable menu items
  • Line slices
  • PNG, JPEG importing

2017-12-03 Etheldreme

A new stable release? Already? What is going on? Highlights:

  • Many new map-editor features, including mouse support.
  • Enemy "appear" animations.
  • Customizable hero experience curve.
  • Textbox save/load/delete/end game conditionals.
  • Unhid still-experimental option for non-320x200 games.
  • Copy-paste text between the editor and other applications.
  • Visual browsers for sprites and many other things.

See for more.

2017-11-04 Twentieth Anniversary of the OHRRPGCE

A remarkable milestone! The oldest existing copy of the OHRRPGCE, an early demo of Wandering Hamster, is 20 years old today (and you can still download it from To celebrate, the next version will support playing this old demo. Head over to the Timeline to read more about OHRRPGCE history, or the forums to reminisce. It's actually been in continuous development for over 21 years ;)

2017-09-22 Dwimmercrafty+1

Fixed a critical bug that erased On-Death-Bequest attacks and Non-Elemental-Counterattacks from all enemies when a game was loaded into custom. If you lost enemy data, and you still have a backup copy of your game from before August 29 2017, please ask the developers for help on the Forums. (This bug also affected nightly wip builds from 2017-08-29 thru 2017-09-21.)

2017-08-31 Dwimmercrafty

We have a new stable release! Get it from the Downloads page!

Notable new features include:

  • NPC pathfinding, and other new NPC movetypes including follow-walls
  • Record .gif videos with Ctrl-F12
  • More map layers, hero definitions, and global variables
  • More info shown in-game in shops and spell lists
  • One-way walls
  • Lots of new in-game debug keys/F8 debug menu options, and a similar new menu in Custom accessed with F9
  • Can jump to attack, enemy, textbox and npc editors from other editors
  • Lots of progress on mouse support
  • On Windows, Custom's window is now resizable; resizing works almost everywhere
  • Sound effect volume control

Or see for more details

2016-11-17 New subversion url

Our subversion source code repository has been moved to a different server. If you are compiling from source yourself, you need to check out a fresh working copy with

svn co ohrrpgce

If you are not compiling your own version, you can ignore this, it won't affect you. If you are using the svn-git bridge, just sit tight, it should be updated shortly.

2016-06-06 Callipygous+1

Oops! There were a few things that weren't working quite right in the stable release (especially if you were on a Mac!) but never fear, TMC fixed everything up, and now we have a tasty new even-more-stable stable release. See whatsnew.txt to see what is even better.

2016-04-04 Callipygous

Rejoice, fellow hamsters, after a seemingly interminable wait, the new stable release of the ohrrpgce has been released! Visit the Downloads page, and read the whatsnew.txt

2014-08-29 Pixel Art Book featuring OHRRPGCE Community Artists

Studio Momo has published a pixel art book featuring the work of many artists from the OHRRPGCE community. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to benefit OHRRPGCE development. The book is available both as a full-color printed book and as a digital e-Book.

2013-04-10 Beelzebufo

After much delay, the beelzebufo release is finally ready! Bask your self in the warm glow of an optional Turn-Based battle mode, more customizable hero attack menus, some nifty map editor improvements such as the ability to mark and clone sections of tilemap, and an assortment of other bugfixes and new features. See whatsnew.txt for the complete skinny.

2012-07-31 Alectormancy+2

One more important bugfix! ;)

2012-07-27 Alectormancy+1

This minor release includes just bugfixes

2012-06-15 Alectormancy

This new release includes Play-as-you-edit, AKA live previewing of games! Also added a menu for easily distributing your game as a zipfile, a windows installer, a mac app bundle, and a debian linux package. Many other improvements and bugfixes. See whatsnew.txt for details.

2011-05-06 Zenzizenzic

Many new features and bugfixes: whatsnew.txt

2010-11-08 Ypsiliform+3

Fixed a healthy selection of bugs. See whatsnew.txt for more details. (You only want this update if you are using Ypsiliform+2 or an older stable release. If you are using a nightly build, you already have these bugfixes!)

2010-02-08 Ypsiliform+2

Fixing a crash in empty menus and a bug that broke the sidescroller game Trailblazers. Redownload and bask in the greater stability!

2010-01-24 Ypsiliform+1

Yeah... so... *cough* there were a few crashy bugs in the last release. Very embarrassing. But fear not! The ypsiliform+1 release fixes these bugs, so download and enjoy!

2010-01-08 Ypsiliform

Is the ypsiliform stable release really ypsil shaped? Only you can decide what that means! Download it and try out all the new featureful goodness. Did you know you can have up to 8 map layers now? Did you know that you can finally import and export spritesheets to and from BMP files without any mucking about with screenshots? Are you a plotscripter who hasn't discovered yet how cool slices are? Check out whatsnew.txt for the complete skinny on what is new.

2009-04-03 Xocolatl+2

So we were having SO much fun with cool new features for the ypsiliform release, that we decided it was going to take too long to stabilize, so we backported a bunch of important bugfixes to xocolatl, and are re-releasing it today as xocolatl+2. Check the downloads page to get it. (Be warned though, that if you are already working on your game using a nightly wip build, then xocolatl+2 will be a step backwards for you! This release is only intended for people who are still using the stable version!) I'm sure you know that whatsnew.txt will tell you what is new!

2008-10-03 Xocolatl+

The Xocolatl+ stable release was released. It includes character portraits, box borders, and other good and tasty things. Download it here, read about its chocolatey-delicious features here

2008-08-20 Werewaffle+

Fixing a few sound and music related bugs, we have werewaffle+. It's just like werewaffle, but werewafflier!

2008-08-16 Werewaffle

The gibbous moon waxes full! Hot buttered syrup flows! The Werewaffle howls! Download it here, read about its terrifying features here

2008-01-21 Voxhumana

Voxhumana! Check the downloads page, and read whatsnew.txt. Though not as gigantor as the previous release, this one brings a nice selection of new features and bugfixes. Also, in unrelated news, happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

2007-12-04 RC testing Voxhumana

A windows installer for a test builds of the next stable version is available here: ohrrpgce-win-installer-voxhumaRC.exe. Please try it out, and report any bugs you find

2007-09-21 Ubersetzung

Ubersetzung! ubersetzung! Cries from the mountaintops herald the the first stable release of the OHRRPGCE in over 13 months. Descend now upon the Downloads page as do the birds of carrion upon the freshly deadened zebra! This release celebrates new music formats, sound effects, more new scripting features than you can shake a stick at, and a feisty pirate's-chest-full of other features and bugfixes, not to mention the blessing of Fenrir-Lunaris's pixelicious Vikings of Midgard as the official sample game. For the copiously complete list of changes, read: whatsnew.txt

2007-07-13 News

Mike C.: Things are moving along smoothly, and hopefully we will be able to release Ubersetzung before the end of the year. If not, then perhaps before the end of the next year. See our release schedule for more details.

2006-08-03 Hasta-la-qb+

Bob the Hamster: Due to a particually ugly error (Bug #220) we have re-released hasta-la-qb. This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system. Had this been a real emergency, the announcement you just heard would have been followed by lots of screaming.

2006-07-09 Hasta-la-qb

Bob the Hamster: Today we see the end of an era. hasta-la-qb is the last version to support a DOS version. The Windows/Linux version is finally stable enough to fully replace the older version. This release dosen't look much different from the previous one, because it is a stabilization and bugfixing release above all else, but it marks the beginning of cool new possibilities. As usual, see whatsnew.txt to learn what has changed, and visit the Downloads page to get it.

2006-04-19 Spam Control

Mike C. In a perfect world, Wikis would work fine, with anybody and everybody being able to edit any page they wanted! Alas, this isn't a perfect world. Much like Pure democracy, a Pure Wiki doesn't work because of the jerks who spoil it for the rest of us.

Spam has been a problem almost since the inception of the OHR Wiki, but we've coped. However, in recent times, more and more spammers are hitting us, and trying to deface the pages with useless garbage. We have a number of different filters in place to block spammers, but often, new and varied spammers come along just as we deal with the old ones.

So, to finally combat the ever increasing tide of spam, we've been forced to implement a very generic filter to block all URLs in the wiki. It only applies to annonymous users, and logged in users not on the Not evil list, and the filter will only block an edit if you affect the line that a url is in.

We regret having to do this, but it's our last bastion of hope. If you need to post a URL, you have to log in, and post your name to the Talk:Not evil page, so we can add you. Actually, if you already haven't done so, you should anyway, since it's always best for your contributions to be attributed to you.

If you have any questions or concerns (or objections!), please go to the Talk:Not evil page to discuss it.

2006-03-15 Release: Tirgoviste

Mike: Well, we promised ourselves that we would release a real version of the OHRRPGCE one month after Serendipity, and here we are. Normally, James would thank all the developers again, and then make a witty comment about he didn't do very much. However, since I'm not him, I can't do that. Besides, James did do a lot, so by saying this now, he can't do it when he gets back from his mini-vacation :}

However, I would like to thank all the users who found the myriad of bugs in Serendipity. Thank you very much! Without your support and vigilance, we couldn't have done this. As always, keep an eye out for bugs, and report them for us!

Anyway, grab the download (or from here if you're lazy), and check out whatsnew.txt while you're waiting.

2006-02-16 Re-Release: Serendipity+

Bob: Due to some nasty bugs, we had to re-release yesterday's serendipity version. If you find any more nasty bugs, don't hesitate to report them!

2006-02-15 Release: Serendipity

Bob: With great pleasure I present the first official release of the OHRRPGCE to run natively in Windows (no more DOS boxes!) A million bright shiny thanks to Simon Bradley who did all the hard porting work in FBOHR, as well as leading the backporting effort to get those changes back into the official version. This is also the first version to run on Linux. There is a lot of other cool stuff in this release too. Check out whatsnew.txt for the full scoop. Yay! Scoop!

2005-11-23 Site Redesign

Bob: You may be shocked and alarmed to see how different the OHRRPGCE site looks today. Don't be afraid! New and different may be strange and frightening, but it isn't all bad. There is a lot more information here than there used to be, and it is much easier to add new info and improve old info.

2005-10-03 Release: Rusalka

Bob: Today is the fine day upon which we release the latest version of our OHRRPGCE, release codename "rusalka" Download it here, Read whatsnew.txt, Colossal thanks to the OHRRPGCE development team, who really carried me on this one. I basicly sat back in the shade of a palm tree sipping root-beer the whole time while TeeEmCee, Mike Caron, and the others did all the work. As for what's next, Simon has ported GAME to FreeBasic, so we will be merging his changes, and getting CUSTOM ported too, in preparation for the glorious future when the OHRRPGCE runs natively on Windows and Linux!

2005-05-19 Release: Quaternion

Quaternion! Here it is! Download it here, Read whatsnew.txt, and make cool games! This is the first official GPL source code release, and I am really excited about it. The OHR community has always been a big help in bug-testing, but now that the source code is available, several members of the community have jumped in and repaired bugs and implemented features with delightful enthusiasm. I am only responsible for as small portion of this update. Check whatsnew.txt for props :)

2005-02-23 Source Code Released!

Rather than waiting until I finish the next update (quaternion), I have decided to release the source code now. That way, maybe I can get a little bugfixing help from the hackers in the OHR community, and we can have quaternion a little sooner.

2005-02-20 OHR to go GPL

I have mentioned this to a few people via e-mail and message board postings, so I might as well announce officially that when the next update comes out (a couple of months from now, maybe?) I will also be releasing the full source code under the GPL license.

2004-10-25 Bugzilla

Those of you who pay close attention on the message boards already know this, but I have moved the OHRRPGCE's bug tracking from a hand-edited list of bugs to the powerful bugzilla bug tracking system. Visit: to bask in its complexity and coolness. Anyone is welcome to create an account and file bugs, or to make comments on existing bugs. A list of all currently-open bugs is available here.

2004-09-07 OHRBox and ABE

Two new utilities from OHR users, Fyrewulf's OHRbox and Mike Caron's ABE (Amazing BAM Extractor). Also, added some Brazilian Portuguese documentation thanks to Thiago Bayerlein.

2004-08-31 Wiki Wiki Wiki

For anyone interested in checking it out, I have set up a Wiki at to host the new FAQ and HOWTO. The FAQ is pretty much completely converted over, but the HOWTO is still a work-in-progress. In other news, Mike Caron has updated and improved his relump utility.


Check out Ysoft_Entertainment's ohrgfx utility, which allows you to export any type of graphics from your RPG file into BMP files.


Mike Caron has written the long-missing counterpart to unlump.exe. Relump.exe lets you re-package an RPG file that you have manually unpacked. Source code included.


Guess what? It's update day today! Check whatsnew.txt for the details. What's next? I keep saying this and then not doing it, but I am actually going to work on Wandering Hamster some more. Yesh! By the way, has anybody noticed a bug where you can get into a vehicle but you can't get out again? I got several reports of that on Wandering Hamster (The Myrmidon Suit), but was never able to reproduce it consistently myself.


Thanks to Fyrewulff for two new useful files, an OHR Optimized Shortcut for VDMSound for maximum performance and minimum laggyness, and a nicely packaged collection of third-party plotscripts.


Thanks to The Mad Cacti for his spiffy new utility to directly import compiled plotcripting .HS files into .RPG files without needing to go through the menus in CUSTOM.


I just finished a clean-up of dead links on the game list, with much help from Chaos Nyte. May it go on record that I owe him a coke :) This might be a good time for those of you who have links in the list to double-check them.


OHRRPGCE user Neo (author of GBKlib) has written a cool palette-import utility called CHGPAL which can import a new palette into an RPG file, and auto-adjust all graphics to match the new palette. You can download it from here (thanks to Fyrewulff for the binary). You may also want to try out Neo's other palette tools, PalEdit and 2mas for creating your own master palette.


A few people still don't know about the coolness of DOSBOX, and there are still some Windows XP/2000 users out there who haven't heard of VDMSound, so I thought I ought to plug them here on the news page. If you are having DOS sound compatibility problems on Windows, chances are one of these cool programs will fix you up. In other news, not much progress on the next update, but I haven't forgotten about it. The next update, (and pretty much every update from here on out) will focus soley on bug-fixes, not on new features. Some of you might throw your hands up and say Lamentojn! Ni volas fari pli! Ni volas havi pli!, but fear not, the only reason I am slowing my work on the OHRRPGCE, is because I am accelerating my planning of new and better things (but don't hold your breath, because I don't know how long it will be before The Wheel begins to "spin")


OHRRPGCE user "The Mad Cacti" has written a plotscript decompiler that you can use to reconstruct your source .hss file from the compiled .hs file, see the Misc Files page for the readme and a download link.


This evening... er, late last night, that is, I was preparing to embark on fixing the bug that allows you to walk into NPCs across the edges of a wraparound map, and I realized that doing so would require me to rip-out and rewrite sizable chunks of my passability-checking code, which is, in the long run, a Good Thing™, but doing so would render the code rather unstable for a while, and would make all of you wait that much longer for the bugfixes I have done recently. In the past, my habit has been to plunge ahead and postpone the update, but I am learning that this is a Bad Thing™, so without further ado, I present to you the 20031005 update, codenamed "paternoster". I am sure I don't need to remind you to see whatsnew.txt for a clue as to what is new.


Thanks to OHR user Flikky, there are now some font tools for converting between OHF formatted fonts and image files, available on the misc files page


Ever wanted a Bob the Hamster Wall Clock? No? Yes? Check out OHR Paraphenalia. I understand more products are in the works.


I released a mini-update today to fix two serious bugs introduced in the previous version, (and one old bug, and a handful of plotscripting commands that were too easy to implement for me to not implement them) This update is codenamed "wolfwood" after Nicholas D. Wolfwood of Trigun... why? Because he is just so COOL!


Yay! Today we have a new update just dripping with coolness. This update is codenamed "espereble", which is Esperanto for "hopefully", because hopefully that annoying playing.tmp bug is fixed now :) As always, read whatsnew.txt to see what's new. I have also updated Wandering Hamster. Unfortunately it is not any longer than last time, but now there is a cool new intro for new games.


Andrew at gave us a little plug the other day which drew a ton of visitors. Groovy. In other news, I have been ultra-busy with real-life and such this year, so I haven't had a lot of time to spend working on the next update, but fear not, I have not forgotten y'all. Check out the buglist if you haven't lately, as there are a few outstanding bugs that I need some more info on. The buglist is ugly, isn't it? I need to clean it up. Anyway. Until we meet again.


Okay! Today we have a mini-update to address the most serious of bugs in the previous update. Read whatsnew.txt

Bone! Hodiau ni ricevas novan-versieton, kiu rebonigas la plej seriozajn de cimojn al la antaua versio.


I would appreciate it if any users of Windows NT/2000/XP could download and test game-fix-candidate-1 and let me know if it still crashes on exit.

Mi dankemos se iu patronoj de Vindozo NT/2000/XP povas elshuti kaj provi game-fix-candidate-1-on. Diru al mi pri se ghi ankorau eraras elirante.


Yes, yes. The new version has some issues with Windows NT/2000/XP. Windows for some reason it putting its own temp files mixed in with GAME.EXE's temp files, so when GAME.EXE tries to clean up its temp files, Windows goes "HEY! You can't do that! Those are MY Temp files!". I am currently working on a way to outsmart windows, so hopefully I should have another mini-update before the end of the week. Oh yes. Yes indeed.

Jes, jes. La nova versio havas iom da problemojn kun Vindozo NT/2000/XP. Char kial me ne scias, sed Vindozo metas giajn mem provizorajn-dosierojn en la GAME.EXE-a provizora-teko, do kiam GAME.EXE penas purigi giajn mem provisorajn-dosierojn, Vindozo plendas <<Atentu! Vi ne povas fari! Tiuj doseroj estas mia!>> Mi nune priserchas manieron ke superruzi Vindozo, do espereble mi ellasos novan-versieton antau la fino de chi semajno. Jes, Jes certe!


Guess what time it is? It's update time! Check whatsnew.txt for a list of changes.

Divenu hodiaua signifo? Estas nova-versio-tago! Legu whatsnew.txt pri shangojn

What is next? Well, I am going to spend some time working on Wandering Hamster. I have neglected it for months (It has not changed at all since February!) And of course I will fix any bugs I find along the way, and fix any bugs that y'all mail to me. Also, if you have a chance, do check out the buglist, and try to help out by making a simplified testcase for a bug that needs it.

Kio sekvas? Nu, mi iomtempe laboros je <<Vaganta Hamstro>>. Mi gin neglektis tra multaj monatoj. (Ghi ne shangas post Februaro!), Kaj certe mi riparas kelkajn cimojn ke mi trovas dum la laboro, kaj ankau cimojn vi retposhtas al mi. Se vi povas, bonvolu visiti la cimliston, kaj penu helpi per krei simplan provsituacion pri cimo kiu bezonas ghin

And one more note. In the course of tracking down bugs, I have played some truly spiffy games, and I was marvelling at the screenshots of games featured in the latest Reasonably Septaweekly, and I was just in general all-around-impressed at the quality of games that you are generating. Good work people!

Unu plu penso. Dum cimspuranta, mi ludas iom verajn bonbrilajn ludojn, kaj miris al la ekranbilojn de rubrika ludoj el la fresha Modere Sepasemajne, Kaj la bonkvalito de viaj imponaj verkoj large placis min. Bonan verkon, amikoj!