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You can view and search the current list of OHRRPGCE "issues" on GitHub. The issues are categorised into bugs, requested or planned features, "needs improvement" (partway between a bug and a missing feature), and others. Many known bugs aren't filed there, but you are welcome to help improve that.

  • Before you can post new bugs or comment on existing bugs, you need to create a Github account
  • If you want to watch the progress of a bug, you can subscribe to notifications for the bug by clicking on Subscribe in the right-hand sidebar if you have an account
  • To link to a bug from this wiki, use Template:bug
  • Some statistics about bugs fixed and reported in each version are at Bughunters League Table

You can see a big list of all feature requests and other issues sorted by upvotes. If you have a Github account you can up-vote (or down-vote) an issue by adding a thumbs-up/thumbs-down "reaction" (click on the smiley icon of the header of the bug description).

Feature requests[edit]

Detailed feature implementation Plans are usually written up on the wiki, but if you want to make a request you're welcome to do so by filing it on Github or by suggesting it in the OHRRPGCE feature requests/suggestions thread on Slime Salad. See I want a new feature! for more info.

Pull Requests[edit]

This GitHub git repository is actually a mirror of the official Subversion (svn) repository that stores the source code.

You're welcome to submit pull requests, but changes will be committed to svn instead instead of merging the PR, and will then indirectly end up in the Github repo.


From 2004-2014 our bugs were stored in Bugzilla, and from 2014-2020 we switched to using the bug tracker on SourceForge. The original Bugzilla installation is offline, but all Bugzilla and SourceForge bugs have been migrated to GitHub. Their descriptions start with a bz# or sf# code showing the original bug number. Almost all Bugzilla bug numbers are unchanged.

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