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All of the pages on the wiki need editing from time to time. Some times it's to fix spelling or grammar, other times it's to update obsolete information. Regardless of why an article needs editing, it's always easy to do: Just click on the handy Edit link at the top of any regular page (i.e. one that isn't Special: anything).


  • '''bold text''' will create bold text.
  • ''italicized text'' will create italicized text.
  • * bullet Will create a bulletted point (like in this list)
  • <nowiki> tags will cause the software to ignore everything inside the tags (check the source of this page for examples)
  • Putting a space before the text, or using <pre></pre> tags will create monotype text.
    This is monotype text.
  • [[Internal Link]] will create an internal link (like Source, for example).
  • [[Internal Link|alternate text]] will create an internal link, but give it different text (like alternate text)
  • [ External Link] will create an external link. Note: For spam protection, there are many restrictions on what links annonymous users can post. The best way to avoid problems is to log in.
  • {{plot|suspend NPCs}} will link to the Plotscripting Dictionary, like so: suspend NPCs

If you would like to practice editing, use the SandBox. Editing is pretty easy. Just go to the SandBox and click the Edit button at the top of the page. The Sandbox is full of examples for you to play with.

New Content[edit]

If you want to write a tutorial, or fill out missing documentation, or whatever, you can easily create new pages. The best way to do this is to create an internal link ([[whatever]]) in an article, and click on that link to go to the Edit page for that article. Then, you can compose pages like normal.

When you're making a new page, be sure to categorize it! Put a link like [[Category:Something]] in the article to categorize it. Check out the Special:Categories page for a list of existing categories. Or, you can make a new category (if none of the existing ones meet the need) by making a new link. Note: Although it doesn't matter where you put the Category link, it's customary to put it at the very bottom.

If you post a script, please ensure that it conforms to our Coding Standards.

Useful Templates[edit]

Add a template to a page by writing {{templatename}} (without the Template: prefix). Many templates also take arguments (see the detailed template pages). You can see the full list of templates here, but here are the most useful ones:

Name Meaning
Template:Infobox An info-box for a game
Template:Float A generic box floated to the right, good for info boxes. Optional title.
Template:Plot Link to a command in the plotscripting dictionary
Template:Plotsec Link to a section in the plotscripting dictionary
Template:Bug Link to a bug in the Sourceforge bug database
Template:Quote A quote block, like on a forum
Template:Protip A "protip" box, like in the new HOWTO
Template:WindowsLinuxMac An info box with separate sections for Windows, Mac and Linux
Template:Revise "This article does not meet the standard of quality we would like to have. ...", often with a reason given as argument
Template:Incomplete An unfinished article or section
Template:In progress An unfinished article or section that you're still editing
Template:Update "This article is currently under work and may be subject to change"
Template:Screen Contains obsolete screenshots
Template:Obsolete Applies only to previous versions
Template:DOS Applies only to DOS versions
Template:Spoiler Insert a spoiler alert message
Template:PD Public domain message box (and there are other templates for GPL, CC-BY-SA, copyrighted, etc)
Template:WIP Engine features only available in nightlies, not any stable release. Adds a banner. You can also write {{WIP|inline}} at the end of a line of text.
Template:Future Engine features that aren't available in nightlies yet, but are planned or in a branch. Adds a banner. You can also put {{Future|inline}} at the end of a line of text.


{{plot|suspend NPCs}} becomes suspend NPCs.

The {{obsolete}} template:

This article (or part thereof) is obsolete. It may have made sense in the past, but it does not make sense now. It is kept here only for historic curiosity and/or posterity.

Pro Tip


This is a {{protip| This is a <nowiki>RECURSION!</nowiki>}}

A floating info box

Multiple lines inside

To the right:

{{float|A floating info box

Multiple lines inside}}
Title! (May want it bold)
A box with a title

To the right: {{float|A box with a title|title=Title! '''(May want it bold)'''}}

More Help[edit]

For more detailed info on how to edit Wiki pages, see WikiMedia's Editing Help Page

Check out the Wiki Help category for more help articles.

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