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What is this page? This is a list of things that need to be done on the Wiki. If you have some spare time, you can help out by doing some of this stuff. If you have never edited a wiki before, or to learn about the unique templates we use on this wiki, read Wiki Editing Help.

Things that always need to be done[edit]

Easy tasks for beginners[edit]

  • Fix spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Crosslink pages that are related to each-other
  • Find badly written, incorrect, and confusing articles, and mark them with {{revise}}
  • Browse the list of images for screenshots that have become (badly?) outdated, and mark them with {{screen}}
  • Find in progress articles, and if they have been abandoned for more than a day, replace the {{in progress}} with {{incomplete}}

Straight-forward tasks[edit]

More advanced tasks[edit]

  • Clean up articles flagged for revision. Some require minor updates, some require major re-writes, some might need to be deleted.
  • Check incomplete articles and either complete them, or delete them.
  • Create Script: articles explaining useful scripts which don't have an article yet (you can find lots of scripts in the Script dump).
  • Create new game pages for popular and notable games (games do not have to be popular or notable to be included on the wiki, but those are the most important ones)
  • Identify duplicate F.A.Q. articles. (when in doubt about whether an article is a duplicate, discuss on the talk page)
  • Check Special:BrokenRedirects
  • Check Special:LonelyPages for abandoned or obsolete pages. Many of these can be deleted.

Specific tasks[edit]

This is the list of stuff to be done. Once it's complete, please remove it from the list.

  • Re-organize HOWTO (discussion on-going)

Things to do after a stable release[edit]