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Posting on the forums is a great way to announce or discuss games and learn from more experienced users.

Slime Salad is the main home of the OHRRPGCE community. This is the best place to ask questions or find recent OHRRPGCE games, with around 500 entries on the SS gamelist.
Castle Paradox was the central OHRRPGCE community site since its start in 2003. Its forums now see very little activity, but lost souls can still expect questions on the HELP! board to be answered eventually. The gamelist has over 1000 entries, and there's a song list and (very inactive) journals too.


The Slime Salad Discord server was recently (2017) established. It's a chatroom you can access in your browser, without needing to register. Discord is currently by far the most active place for OHRRPGCE discussion. There's a dedicated Q&A channel.

IRC chat[edit]

The OHRRPGCE community has had active IRC channels since nearly forever. Currently the main one is irc:// (and also #castleparadox). If you turn up at the right time of day you might be able to get your questions answered, but the channel is very, very quiet lately. See IRC for much more information on installing and using IRC.

Mailing list[edit]

The mailing list is used mainly by the OHRRPGCE developers to discuss engine development, though anyone is welcome to join it and post messages or watch behind the scenes activity. All subversion commits are emailed to the mailing list, so it is quite spammy.

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