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Bob the HamsterSince this is versioned, do we really need the Done section?

Also, I kinda dislike having this in the sidebar. How about if the sidebar contains a Contributing article, which would link to this Wiki TODO article, and also information about becoming a developer, and also information about filing bugs.

Mike C. Nah. It's just for "at a glance" reference.

As for the linkage, I didn't know where else to link it. Contributing works. I'll write an article for that and fix everything up.

H-Bomb ??Is there anyway I can convince you guys to raise the usable only once tag limit? I am developping a pretty intense game, and the 1000 tag limitation is seriously hamperring my progress, I'd be willing to toss you the latest demo for review if you want.

TwinHamster You're actually close to using up the 1000 tags?

The Mad Cacti: The limit on both types of tags could do to be raised. Unfortunately it's a little messy, we'd want the new SAV format before raising it to prevent adding anymore SAV kludges. Something ugly would still need to be done about the one time npc use placehold bits in .GEN though.

By the way, when you use the 999th one time use tag up, it will loop around and search for any tags that are not actually associated with any npcs - it can be quite easy to accidently tick the counter up.

H-Bomb Yeah, I was at the 1000 tag limit about 9 months ago. The game is quite a stretch of OHRRPGCE's capabilities, and I think the Hamster's will be quite proud of it if I ever finish it. I could assign automatic I/O values to tags with plotscripting to create a usable only once effect, but I figure it would about quadruple the time neccessary to create the game, which has already taken forever. I haven't been working on it hoping the limitation will be adjusted. I am already over 300 pages of plotscripting, and overall, I am planning on using about 5000 usable only once tags, somewhere in that neighborhood, so not having to script each tag from here out would certainly help, and I don't think I understand the source codes for OHRRPGCE enough to make the modifications.

Mike C. *cough* Sorry to interrupt, but I must point out that Wiki TODO has nothing to do with the OHRRPGCE itself, per se. It is a task list for the wiki, not the OHR. You are looking for the Release Check List