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Ralph Versteegen is an OHRRPGCE developer (and Wiki sysop), but not any kind of front for an adorable hamster. I go by the handle TMC on the forums.

I've been using the OHRRPGCE since early 2002, and have been part of the community since roughly the same time. I've been helping to develop it since Quaternion in early 2005, and before that, I wrote a couple utilities like the HS Importer.

I work on all aspects of the engine, and especially low level details like backends and the script compiler and interpreter. But mostly I stick around because I love helping people to enjoy their creative hobby by expanding the capabilities of the engine or fixing bugs.

The only games I've released worth mentioning are Ortega Colonies and Carcere Vicis. The rest are all tech demos, unplayably unfinished, or Terrible Game Contest games :(


You can contact me via email ( teeemcee-at-symbol-gmail-dot-com ), or sometimes find me on IRC (in #castleparadox, #slimesalad, #hamsterspeak), on Discord, or on the forums.