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How to join an OHR related chat channel on IRC[edit]

  1. Download an IRC client.
    Windows: mIRC, Visual IRC, HydraIRC
    Mac OS/X: Colloquy, Linkinus
    Cross Platform: ChatZilla, KVirc, Pidgin, HexChat
    Alternatively you can use the Java IRC Client provided by Castle Paradox
  2. Install, and run your IRC client. I suggest at this point, that you stop and sing your favorite Elvis tunes. It isn’t actually necessary to do this, but it never hurts to impersonate the King.
  3. Connect to the EsperNet network at (connects to a random EsperNet server). You will probably have to change your client's options, or just type type "/server" every time. Some IRC clients can connect you automatically when you click this link: irc://
  4. Then join some of the following channels:
    • #CastleParadox is the official channel of Castle Paradox. This channel is mostly general chit-chat with many OHR users
    • #SlimeSalad is the semi-official channel of Slime Salad. This channel is more active, and intends to be more game-making oriented (but can be chit-chatty too)

Chat. Have fun. And when you are done, stop. Sound easy enough? Please observe proper net-etiquette. Respect the Ops and the other users.

If you ask a question, and nobody responds, please be patient. Many IRC users leave stay connected while the do other things. When they notice your question, you may get an answer, even hours later.

IRC Commands (Typed into the IRC command line)[edit]

Note that which commands are available and how they function (and are invoked) can depend on the IRC client in use. However, the commands listed below are common.

/server <server>
Connects to a server.
/join <channel>
Joins a channel.
/join #ParadoxLounge
/me <action>
Displays an action.
/me frolics through the field
/nick <new nick>
Changes your online nickname. Nicks cannot have spaces in them and have a limited character size.
/nick NewName
/quit <quit message>
Disconnects from IRC and displays your quit message, if given.
/quit I like cheese
/part <part message>
Leaves a channel while displaying the optional part message, but stays connected to the IRC server.
/part Did I mention I like cheese?