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Bob: Congratulations! You are now a sysop... of course, since anybody can edit this silly site, I'll admit that doesn't mean a whole lot, but it does mean a few things

Bis_Senchi: Sorry to disturb but can somoene delete the two following questions

I need to rename heroes but I don't want the player to see (or notice) something on the screenplay. How should I proceed?

I need to bump up manually my hero's level. How should I proceed?

I've wrongly asked them. The correct questions is: " I need to level up my heores during plotscripting but it's impossible. How can I trick this limitation?" Thanks in advance for the help !

Mike: Unless I'm mistaken (I'm not), you can.

Bis_Senchi: I've deleted the unless questions yesterday editing the FAQ but they have come back. Moreover I can't delete them under the category section. Could somoene do it for me ?

Mike: What I meant was: A) you can edit them out of the FAQ. You can't actually delete them. And, we won't. James put the questions back in the FAQ, since they provide useful information,

Bis_Senchi: I've just read the post about the show load menu command. Could somoene explain me how to use it with trigoviste? (I mean by this a kind of guideline that would make me implement the command) Thanks a lot!

Mike C. I'm going to guess it's something like this:

slot:= show load menu
if(slot == -1) then, begin
  #they canceled
end, else, begin
  #slot contains the save slot they chose.

The Mad Cacti: Well, you can not use the command in the Tirgoviste version because it was not implemented back then. You must use a WIP build, sorry if you misinterpreted me. If you use a WIP build you will of course either need to wait until Ubersetzung is released to distribute the game or include a copy of game.exe for people.

Bis_Senchi: Thanks a lot! May be It would be interesting to make an article called "how do I use a Wip?" (or may be I would be too much complicated)

Chenzi: Thanks for the help with all of my questions lately. Also, thanks for adding variable length to the limits page.