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  1. A hamster is the symbol of Google’s new programming language. What does it mean?
  2. Are the music and sound effects that come with the OHRRPGCE protected by copyright laws?
  3. Best Practices
  4. Bob is the most adorable hamster I have ever seen. Where can I find a hamster with Bob's distinct features?
  5. Can I add gravity to my game?
  6. Can I play and make games installing game.exe and custom.exe on a Usb key?
  7. Can I remove certain features such as "Remove Hero" or "Steal from enemies"?
  8. Can I turn my game into a mmorpg?
  9. Can I use plotscripting to allow people to change my maps when playing my game?
  10. Can joystick calibration interfere with keyboard control? If so how can prevent it?
  11. Can you add Hp Max and Mp Max to the target stats?
  12. Can you add different animations in battle for a hero's different attacks
  13. Can you add different animations in battle for a hero's different attacks?
  14. Can you host resources that I make for the OHRRPGCE such as Sprites, Sound Effects, Backgrounds, Fonts etc?
  15. Can you modify a hero's stats, enemy's stats, money, etc. by a percentage rather than by a whole number with plotscripting?
  16. Can you recommend an alternative to HSSED.exe that has the same Help feature that HSSED does?
  17. Can you retrieve an enemy's attack IDs with plotscripting?
  18. Complete lump reference
  19. Custom usually freezes when importing music!
  20. Does OHR work with Windows Vista?
  21. ERROR:in line 746 of plotscr.hsd define trigger,begin expected top-level declaration but found definetrigger. Why does this error occur?
  22. FB stack internals
  23. Furry Games
  24. Games:Basic RPG
  25. Heart of the OHR 2020
  26. How about a OHRRPGCE hall of fame, for all the best games made with it, or does one already exist?
  27. How are weapon pictures used?
  28. How can I compile my plotscripts without using hssed.exe?
  29. How can I delete an accidentally placed NPC?
  30. How can I make a combination lock using multiple digits?
  31. How can I make a quiz-like game?
  32. How can I make it so that an event will happen, when an NPC is pushed onto a certain tile?
  33. How can I make more than two choices in a text box?
  34. How can I modify my midi file so that it can become a high quality bam file?
  35. How can I move my graphics between RPG files?
  36. How can I set or remove animating maptiles with plotscripting?
  37. How come Custom and Game are blurry now?
  38. How come the font is 8x8 pixels instead of 10x10?
  39. How come you are making it for DOS? I thought DOS was dead
  40. How do I add a timer?
  41. How do I add cheats to my game?
  42. How do I add new colors to my palette?
  43. How do I add new quotes for Bob in the main page of the website?
  44. How do I advance backdrops pressing the space bar?
  45. How do I announce to the community that a game demo (or version) is online and ready to be tested and reviewed?
  46. How do I change a hero's walkabout and battle graphic set, whether the hero is in the party or not, and regardless of what slot the hero is in, using plotscripting?
  47. How do I change the main hero during a cutscene so that the player can't notice it?
  48. How do I change the resources Windows assigns to my soundcard?
  49. How do I check if a save slot is already full?
  50. How do I check if there is already an .sav file using plotscripting?

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