How can I move my graphics between RPG files?

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If you created the graphics for your game in the editor you can move graphics (and other data) between RPG files by copying lumps, or by using a graphics extraction utility.

Lumps method

This method will overwrite any graphics of the type you are exporting that are already present in the destination file. However, it's faster if you have to move a large number of graphics.

First, make sure that the destination RPG has as many of whatever type of graphic you are moving as the source.

Eg. If you have 10 walkabout sets in your first file, create 10 blank walkabout sets in the second before copying graphics. If you only had 4 in the second file, you'll only be able to see 4 after you import them.

Next, open the source game with custom.exe or unlump.exe to unlump your RPG file. If you use custom, minimise it after you open your file, and you'll find a folder named 'WORKING.TMP' in custom's folder. If you use unlump, a folder will be created with the name of the RPG file. Copy the file(s) containing the graphics you want to move from the source game to a temporary location, referring to the following list of extensions for graphics lumps:

  • Maptile sets .TIL
  • Backdrops/backgrounds .MXS
  • Hero battle graphics .PT0
  • Small sized enemy graphics .PT1
  • Medium sized enemy graphics .PT2
  • Large sized enemy graphics .PT3
  • Walkabout sets .PT4
  • Weapon graphics .PT5
  • Attack graphics .PT6

Unlump the second RPG file in the same way as above (closing the first instance of custom first), and replace the lumps. Remember to rename the lumps if the second RPG file has a different name.

Simply close custom to save the changes, or use relump.

This method can also be used for other data files.

Graphics extractor method Presently, 'ohrgfx' is the only one that can extract all types of graphics from a RPG file, and 'Tiletool' exports (and imports) backdrops and tilesets.

These programs will output BMP files which you can import by the normal method into your second game.

Alternatively, you can take screenshots of the graphics in custom or while playing the game, and reimport these.

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