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This article (or part thereof) is obsolete. It may have made sense in the past, but it does not make sense now. It is kept here only for historic curiosity and/or posterity.

ohrgfx is a utility written by Ysoft Entertainment that allows you to extract most types of graphics from OHRRPGCE RPG files and save them as bitmaps. It can also import graphics and import/export whole sets of frames at once (originally, the engine didn't have the built-in ability to do that).

OhrGfx was written many years ago, and no longer works with games created with Fufluns (2019) or newer, and can't be updated because the source code was lost. It still partially works for games up to Etheldreme (2018), but does not support new master palettes, portrait and box border graphics, or default palettes. You need to download the patched version 2.01 to open newer games.

If you get a run-time error when you try to open an RPG even with version 2.01, the RPG probably has zero-length lumps. You can get around this by opening the game in Custom, deleting any 0 byte length files in the WORKING.TMP folder, and then saving and exiting. Deleting empty lumps will not damage your game.

If ohrGfx shows the wrong palette for an old game, you can fix this by opening the game in Custom and saving it again. Note that ohrGfx will see a master palette with only 18-bit instead of 24-bit colour depth (see MAS).


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