Basic Achievements

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  • Here we go. This will show you how to add achievements to your game sort of like XBox 360, Steam, and Playstation 3 games.

Basic Way[edit]

  • 1. Make a new menu.
    • Name the menu Achievements
  • 2. Add a tag for each Achievement
  • 3. Add a caption on menu Achievements
    • Make it enabled if the tag for the achievement is on
  • 4. Add a link to the Achievements menu from main menu
  • 5. Add textboxes or items that urn on tags

Advanced Way[edit]

  • Follow the basic steps except
  • 1. Make each Achievement its own menu that is always active and linked to the Achievements
  • 2. On each menu make a description of the achievement
  • 3. Make a caption (DONE)
    • Make this caption active if the tag is on!

View My sample RPG using both options[edit]