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Report bugs, win points, climb the charts! This table shows (hopefully) everyone who's reported a bug since the etheldreme release candidate, and ranks them by their diligence for documenting their own misfortunes.

Season League Table[edit]

See Release Leaderboards for the leaderboard for bugs reported before each major release.

All-time League Table[edit]

Place Who Points Reported bugs
1 Golden star.png Golden star.png Golden star.png Feenick 37 34
2 Golden star.png Golden star.png Sword 33 24
3 Golden star.png Foxley 28.5 28
4 Prifurin 24 26
5 Nathan Karr 21.5 21
6 kylekrack 20 19
7 MirceaKitsune 18.5 14
8 Wobbler 18 15
9 Fenrir 14 11
10 Bena 13.5 12
11 RMZ 11 9
12 Bird 10 11
13 Charbile 7 6
14 Willy Elektrix 6.5 6
15 TheLordThyGod 6 6
16= Ravancloak 5.5 6
16= sheamkennedy 5.5 6
18 FnrrfYgmSchnish 5.5 5
19 Gaplan 5 5
20 Santino Labbate 4.5 5
21 Hops 4 4
22= BE 4 3
22= Rue 4 3
24= dragon0307 4 2
24= nezbid 4 2
26 sotrain515 3.5 2
27 Ichiro 3 4
28 Idontknow 3 2
29 MasterK 2.5 2
30 LieMurderProfit 2 3
31= 4in111 2 2
31= ??? 2 2
31= DWRL 2 2
31= Kefyrra 2 2
31= Mefisno 2 2
31= moonrune 2 2
37= cammySashimi 2 1
37= KxMP 2 1
39= Fyrewulff 1.5 2
39= TailBit 1.5 2
41= A-zu-ra 1 1
41= Applesauce 1 1
41= Chronoas 1 1
41= Eradin 1 1
41= Hedera Helix 1 1
41= MorpheusKitami 1 1
41= Pepsi Ranger 1 1
41= sooshy 1 1
41= Spoonweaver 1 1
50= Alana 0.5 1
50= Andrusi 0.5 1
50= whoapotato 0.5 1

Bug summary[edit]

Reported in Fixed Partly fixed Not fixed Total reported
Unmerged In later release For next release
Etheldreme 3 8 80 1 63 155
Post-Etheldreme nightly builds 0 1 52 3 15 71
Fufluns 0 2 18 0 10 30
Post-Fufluns nightly builds 0 0 2 0 0 2
Gorgonzola 1 0 8 0 14 23
Post-Gorgonzola nightly builds 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 4 11 162 4 102 283

Bug reports[edit]

The following table lists every reported bug for which points were given, usually but not always in the order they were reported.

Please don't edit this table to report a bug; see How do I report a bug?

Points are only awarded to bugs (or sometimes non-bugs which warranted investigation) if they weren't known and enough information is given to make TMC confident that they're real and to allow it to be tracked it down. So giving good reports is to your advantage! A number of reports of crashes without enough details have been thrown away. Normally only the first person to report a bug gets it unless later reports were useful (e.g. confirmed the bug).

Points are awarded by type of bug:

  • 0.5: glitch or annoyance or documentation error, compile errors
  • 1: normal bugs (e.g. something doesn't work)
  • 1.5: harmless crash/freeze/state or data corruption or harmless BUG message
  • 2: data loss/corruption or harmful crash/freeze (any crash while editing or playing a game is harmful)

Everyone in the 'Reporter' column gets the points.

Fixed? shows whether and when it was fixed:

  • X/# (letter/number) shows it was fixed in version X (E: etheldreme, F: fufluns, etc), i.e. in nightlies before X. # is the SVN revision(s) fixing it
  • X/yes means it was fixed for version X but I didn't note down the SVN revision
  • X/part means partially fixed for X
  • no means I was busy fixing some other bug
  • unmerged means it's nearly fixed, but hasn't been merged into svn yet, so isn't in nightlies
  • notabug means it's not our fault, but thought someone deserved a reward
  • wontfix it's broken, but we can't fix it or it's not worth fixing (not counted in summary table)

Version tracks the version the bug was reported in and whether the bug is new or not:

  • X: present in version X, unknown whether it was in version X-1
  • X-: reported in version X, was also present in X-1
  • X!: present and new in version X, wasn't in version X-1
  • X+: present and new in nightly builds since X, wasn't in X
  • ? suffix: only a guess

(This differs from system used on [github]: the table focuses mainly when the bug was reported not when it was introduced.) Categorisation might not be 100% accurate.

Reporter Points Version Fixed? Bug
kylekrack 0.5 D+ E/yes Mapedit layer skew keys misdocumented
Foxley 0.5 D+ E/yes Glitch with tile animation pattern editor 'end of animation'
LieMurderProfit 1 E F/yes x86_64 linux packages included hspeak for x86
FnrrfYgmSchnish 1 E F/9871 Characters above 127 in text weren't copy-pastable
FnrrfYgmSchnish 1 E G/11582 Bug #3 Whitespace appended to every line when copy/pasting text on Windows
Foxley 1.5 E F/11316 Bug #32 Garbage results from undo in map editor after placing one-way walls and using Stamp tool (possible crash?). Seen in Callipygous/Dwimmercrafty
kylekrack/Foxley 2 E F/11230 Bug #14 gfx_sdl: Crash when changing window zoom using F9 in 32-bit mode, eg. the browser, map browser (new in E+), or
Feenick 1 E F/9913 "Expanded" (after pressing Enter) attack elemental fail condition editor didn't save changes
Foxley 0.5 E+ no Backspace deletes menuitem text "when you press right and then enter instead of specifying a elemental resist %" (See snowgame0021.gif)
Ichiro 0.5 E F/9906 Can't compile hspeak on Arch Linux
FnrrfYgmSchnish/BE 1 E notabug Bug #7 fullscreen is broken in gfx_directx on Windows 10 Creators Update
RMZ 1 E F/10002 Text slice width not updating in sliceedit
MasterK 1.5 E no loadmapstate not working on numbered mapstates
kylekrack 1.5 E F/9930 crash in hspeak when printing an error message for "for(variable(i),..."
sheamkennedy 1 E F/10513 NPCs can walk through pushable NPCs getting pushed into a wall https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7572
sheamkennedy 1 E no bz# | sf#}}2034] NPCs can walk through each other https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7638
sheamkennedy 0.5 E F/yes Missing NPCmovetype:chaseyoupathfinding constant
sheamkennedy 1 E no Stuck keys when using Mac F3 exposè https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7620
Chronoas 1 E F/10788/10789 Queued attacks w/ turn-based delays don't count down when enemy acts or hero uses autotargetted attack https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7711
sotrain515/Sword 2 E F/11141 bz# | sf#}}2036] Random freeze or crash when switching collections in slice collection editor while a slice is under the mouse
Foxley 2 E F/10077 Reimport Scripts in the tileset editor wipes the tileset
Pepsi Ranger 1 E no (Unconfirmed) gfx_sdl on Windows fullscreening is affected by window size settings https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=132358#132358
BE 2 E+ F/10022 box border spriteset 0 replaced when upgrading to rgfx
Foxley 0.5 E F/10023 549 ticks = 0.3 sec in the attack editor
Foxley 1 E no Self-target On-death attack causes the on-death to trigger again, looping forever
Feenick 1 E+ F/10090 Pressing Space in attack browser causes wrong attack to be selected/opened, and breaks New button
RMZ 1 E F/10134 F4 tag debug key broken in battles
sotrain515 1.5 E F/9942 Crash using ellipse slice commands on non-ellipses
MasterK 1 E F/9966 "delete_ScriptData: nonzero refcount" error when quitting
MirceaKitsune 2 E F/9931 Secretly-wrong AFTER textbox link tag conditions, when set with ctrl-left/right
MirceaKitsune 2 E+ F/10282 Spriteset corruption when cancelling whole-set import
Feenick 1 E F/10180 Missing menu item subtype constants
A-zu-ra/TheLordThyGod 1 E no Bug #5 Audio (music_sdl) broken when Windows codepage set to Japanese
Fenrir 1 E F/10302 Possible to target untargetable enemy at same position as a targetable one left
Feenick 1 E F/yes "hero z" could incorrectly throw "invalid party slot" errors, but its argument is actually party caterpillar rank
Feenick 1 E+ F/10373 Mouse hover cursor appeared above first hero if mouse controls disabled
Wobbler 0.5 E+ no mouse hover color used when mouse disabled, various places (eg load/save? battle menus)
MirceaKitsune 1.5 E+ F/10375 Quickload bug: if save slot 0 wasn't in use the quicksave wouldn't load, leaving the game uninitialised
Hops/Wobbler/RMZ 1.5 E+ F/11140 Uneditable hidden menu items in menu editor
Hops 0.5 E F/10384 Custom created games named "gamename crash-recovered 0 crash-recovered 0.rpg" etc
Hops 1 E F/10381 hspeak error if .rpg filename too long
Sword/Foxley 2 E+ F/10395 Crash in zonemap View mode, no zones on tile
Wobbler 2 E+ F/yes Possible crash when right-clicking in thingbrowser
Foxley 1 E F/yes getNPCspeed always returned 0
Alana 0.5 E F/10417 File browser uses box 0 edge color as text color
MirceaKitsune 1.5 E no "Erase Map Entirely" is undone in a .rpgdir if you quit and open the game again
Foxley 1 E no If a doorlink has a non-existent dest door it still works; and getdoordestinationmap/id ought to return -1
Ichiro 1 E no Boss enemy doesn't dissolve on death if there is a "die without boss" enemy (which does dissolve)
Feenick 0.5 E F/10446 Jumping to a door in the map editor will shift map to bottom-right of screen if it's smaller than viewport
Gaplan 1 E no When run from a windows nightly, distribmenu only includes the gfx backend used with Custom (typically sdl, leaving out directx)
Gaplan 0.5 E F/10452/part Enter key stuck after switching backend to gfx_sdl (I think this is fixed on linux, def not on windows)
Feenick/Prifurin 1 E no gfx_sdl: Keys (even mouse click?) stuck after changing window zoom in Custom increases window size (I think I've had this happen under Linux/X11 too)
Gaplan 0.5 E no Ctrl-F8 menu should show whether a backend can't be loaded and why (the actual error) - no indication
LieMurderProfit 0.5 E F/yes Textboxedit: backdrop transparency not copied by alt-C/V
MirceaKitsune 1.5 E no Choicebox tags are ignored (unchanged) when importing textboxes
Foxley 1.5 E H/11838 If you use Del to delete tilesets, then save and reopen, they will reappear as blank tilesets
RMZ 1 E+ F/part Weapons appear behind heroes
BE 1 E no Test Game unreliable: Game/Custom can't connect (git branch for investigation) Windows and Mac
Nathan Karr/TheLordThyGod 1 E+? G/11773/part [complete fix in git] Shop caption box (eg tradein message) appears below item list and above hero graphics if two or more lines high
Foxley 1 E no gfx_fb on Windows: alt+arrow keys don't work (eg in map editor) - nothing happens
Ichiro/Spoonweaver/Foxley 1 E no Wandering Hamster on Android: Can't move the cursor into the third column in the item menu. And Trash not selectable either
Foxley 1 E F/10518 alt+1/2 in map editor also animates tile under cursor
Foxley 0.5 E F/10520 Very confusing if a tile is animated but the animation pattern is blank (fullscreen picker shows it as unanimated)
Wobbler/Sword 1 E no bz# | sf#}}2035] Missing data while using Test Game: blank shops, ...
MorpheusKitami/Wobbler/Sword 1 E no bz# | sf#}}2033] Game.exe crashes/hangs when quitting while using Test Game (crash report c8f2ac)
MirceaKitsune 1 E+ F/11495 If your spriteset is too large, some frames will be beyond the edge of the screen and you can't scroll to them
Feenick/RMZ 2 E no (Unconfirmed) Crash while reimporting scripts (Feenicks saw just twice, after hsi export but before hspeak spawned. RMZ saw reliably on work computer, wip 20190416.11132)
Prifurin/Foxley 2 E no Crashes when importing music and sounds (Prifurin reports happens every second import, unless game saved twice in a row first)
Fenrir 1 E+ F/10487 Non-20x20 walkabout sprites mispositioned for a tick when entering map
RMZ 1 E+ F/10488 Non-standard-size hero sprites mispositioned in battles
Wobbler 1 E+ F/10510/part Bug #6 Tile-cutter from backdrops was broken. Still can only copy from top 320x200 of a backdrop
tmc/Wobbler 1 E no Bug #43 On-death bequest attacks happen slightly after the enemy starts to fade out, which is then cancelled
kylekrack 1 E+ no Bug #18 Portrait boxes don't resize for non-standard sized portraits
Santino Labbate 1 E F/10537 bz# | sf#}}2037] "Attacker must know chained attack" broken
LieMurderProfit 0.5 E F/10576 No mouse support in Export Textboxes "choose metadata" menu
Ichiro 0.5 E+ F/yes plotdict: forcemountvehicle missing argument
Foxley 1 E no [Partial fix in git branch] Accept (or cancel) sound not always played when menu items are activated
Feenick 1 E F/10637 After custom.exe crashes it might refuse to open the game again, thinking it's still being edited
Prifurin 1 E no Can't delete protected slices when trying to import slice tree exported from Game - impossible to import
Prifurin 1 E no Using "run game" to switch to another game with different resolution and back again, while fullscreen, results in bad zoom
MirceaKitsune 0.5 E+ F/yes Hitting Enter on 'Go Back' in TB conditionals menu doesn't work
Foxley 1 E+ F/10662 plotscr.hsd didn't compile: forgot to replace read/writepreferencebitset calls
kylekrack 1 E F/10898 Mouse-based hero movement doesn't allow stepon npcs as destination
kylekrack/Eradin 1 E notabug Can't run Marionline's "Space (demo)" Mac package
Feenick/FnrrfYgmSchnish 1.5 E F/11177/11178 Bug #17 An uninitialised attack or enemy record (0% elemental resistances) (and "loadrecord: record # is off the end of" dt6/attack.bin)
Fenrir 1 E no Duplicating heroes doesn't duplicate equipability settings
Fenrir 2 E! no Bug #4 (gfx_directx) Pasting text always crashes Custom, whether text copied from within OHR or another program. Win 7 and Win 10 but not Win XP
Fenrir 2 E F/10846 Hero XP curve setting defaults to 0.00 instead of 0.20 in old games (or if hero data lost due to next bug...)
Fenrir 2 E+ F/10847 Some hero data repeated deleted after creating a new hero, both new heroes and hero 0 (due to heroes.reld node being overwritten)
Fenrir 1 E+ no Bug #16 gfx_directx flickers or doesn't display map editor minimap screen
Fenrir 1 E F/10769 Increasing zoom in Custom with F9 while at 320x200 res cuts off right and bottom of the screen (gfx_sdl; bug in E+-new code but bug also present in E)
whoapotato 0.5 E no Item editor doesn't show that 'Teach Spell' overrides OOB attack or textbox
TheLordThyGod 1 E F/10786 "pathfind npc to" "stop after stillticks" argument doesn't work if NPC speed is 0
Foxley 0.5 E+ F/10815 "Previous Menu" in attack damage bitsets menu didn't work
Wobbler 1 E+ no Joystick use key stuck (in gfx_sdl?) after using Test Game (gfx_directx) and quitting with joystick - but only certain gamepads affected
Wobbler 0.5 E F/11228 Can't activate NPCs while walking into them
Mefisno 1 E F/10851 Can't hide HP stat: displays '${HPLABEL}...' in Status
Wobbler 1 E notabug Embedding an icon into game.exe (Distribute Game - using rcedit.exe) sets off many virus scanners (no longer happens as of August 2019)
MirceaKitsune 1.5 E+ F/10834 gfx_sdl: Crash on startup with -z commandline arg
MirceaKitsune 1 E+ F/10837 WM close button broken in Custom (again)
Foxley 0.5 E F/10839 Inventory autosort by 'usable' very slow with lots of items
Nathan Karr 1 E F/10858 Strange blue rectangle behind a menu item in shop Hire more
Foxley 0.5 E F/11158 Wrong documentation about where \n works
Mefisno/Nathan Karr 1 E G/11629 Bug #1105 Out-of-battle, spell target classes restricting to Self or Ally Not Self don't work, act as Self.
Foxley 0.5 E+ F/10865 Map and sprite editor key repeat rate and delay changed (and debug spam)
4in111 1 E+ F/10863 Hero HP meter not decreasing
sooshy/4in111 1 E F/10864 Test Game not working in Mac OSX 10.12+ when Custom affected by Gatekeeper Path Randomization
Nathan Karr 1 E no (Minor) NPC stepping back towards you when activated can break (very) old games that rely on pushable NPCs not doing so when pushed
Wobbler 1 E no "input string with virtual keyboard" doesn't work with a gamepad on PCs
Foxley 1.5 E+ F/10885 Linux: Installing in read-only location (eg from a .deb), can't find data dir (eg data/choose_rpg.slice)
TheLordThyGod 0.5 E unmerged Swapping in already active hero moves to another slot [fixed in herocount branch]
TheLordThyGod 0.5 E F/10890 "Hold ESC key to run from battle" bit in wrong section: only affects Active Time battles
RMZ 1 E+ F/10889 waitforkey(key:...) (which was wrong) used to act like waitforkey(anykey) for most scancodes - such games now broken
TheLordThyGod/dragon0307 2 E+ F/11282 Bug #11 Sell menu crashes or is horribly and painfully broken when inventory size is less than one screenful
Feenick/Nathan Karr 2 E+ F/11030 4bit PNGs don't import correctly and can crash Custom
Nathan Karr 1 E+ no Imported a 34x34 16-bit BMP as a small enemy and it scrambled the image, while others work OK.
Feenick 0.5 E unmerged [Fixed in git branch] Menus not always redrawn after tags are renamed in the tag browser
Feenick 0.5 E no Menus (including attack chain editor) not redrawn after an attack is renamed in a recursive attack editor
Feenick 0.5 E no Battle instakill F7 debug key: when used on enemy w/ on-death attack it doesn't die at first; pressing it again it dies but battle continues on with no enemy targets
Feenick 1 E? G/11768 Mouse hover color in Dragon Bustier is black - UI colors are not being upgraded/initiliased properly
MirceaKitsune/Foxley/Nathan Karr/dragon0307 2 E+ F/11216 Bug #9 Crash when viewing places where a tag is autoset (in describe_tag_autoset_places()), and garbage info about item tags
Feenick/Sword 2 E+? no Bug #10 Crash when viewing minimap
Nathan Karr 1 E+? no (Unconfirmed) Broken textbox chains
Nathan Karr 1 E+ F/10924 Weapon handle position editor needs updated for nonstandard sprite sizes
Feenick 1 E+ F/11338 Bug #12 Non-standard sized attacks mispositioned (not centered)
Nathan Karr 1 E+ F/11339 Bug #12 Non-standard sized enemies mispositioned during Dash-in attacks (not aligned to target)
Feenick 2 E F/10921 Out-of-battle attacks that affect status effects registers crash the game
Nathan Karr 0.5 E+ F/yes Spriteset browser: When a sprite's height is taller than the editor window, hitting [/] to change palette causes the cursor to jump to a different sprite
Nathan Karr 0.5 E F/yes Buy/Hire used to autoquit when there were no purchaseable items left
Bird 1 E G/11756 distribute_game_as_zip doesn't try to download unzip.exe so that it can unzip zip.zip
Bird 1 E+ F/yes Can't import whole hero sprite set over sprite set #0 (sprite cache bug)
Bird 1.5 E F/yes Crash on startup on Win98 (vsnprintf broken)
Bird 0.5 E wontfix HSpeak keyboard input problems on Win98
Bird 0.5 E no When importing a song from C:\ root dir and trying to import another song afterwards, the path is c:\\ which is broken
Bird 0.5 E G/11752/11753 Innosetup download + install problems on Win98 (random HTTPS redirect, older version needed)
Bird 1 E F/11120 Doesn't run on Win95 without IE4 Active Desktop: CoInitializeEx and SHGetSpecialPathA missing
Sword 2 E+ F/11014 Crash while editing a textbox and attempting to add a 9th line
Kefyrra 1 E+? no Bug #37 An item on sale (tag activated) disappears after viewing the Sell menu in Birdcaged (Item ID 27, Shop Thing ID 15), both in new and loaded game (Kefyrra could reproduce, I can't)
Bena 1 E F/11168 HSpeak doesn't treat file names case-insensitively on Windows: including both BETA.hsi and beta.hsi breaks
Charbile 1.5 E F/11045/11056 Crash due to attempting to switch to gfx_sdl even if not available (ignoring gfx_sdl2), when playing a non-320x200 game
Charbile/??? 1 E no gfx_sdl: playing a 1280x720 game fullscreen on a 4K monitor cuts off a lot of the edges. Others reported other fullscreen problems like wrong aspect ratio
Charbile 2 E F/11044 gfx_sdl2: crash when playing a 1280x720 game and attempting to switch to fullscreen on a 4K monitor (have several crashrpt reports), or increasing window size beyond 640x400
Charbile 1 E F/11042 gfx_sdl2: Bad mouse positions in fullscreen (seems to ignore the zoom level)
Feenick 1 E no resume caterpillar doesn't interpolate hero directions sensibly [started on a fix.] See VAULT0007.gif
Prifurin/Nathan Karr 1 E F/11205 Embedding an icon may have no effect (because the original icon still exists and referenced by ALLEGRO_ICON icon group)
Foxley 0.5 E F/11423 docs/ missing from Windows nightlies
kylekrack 0.5 E+ F/10987 Mac AppTranslocation: prefer OHRRPGCE-Game.app co-located with .rpg to one in /Applications
Nathan Karr 1 E+ F/11033 "MSVCP100.dll missing" error when starting Custom, from crashrpt1403.dll (Doesn't happen when using Test Game?)
Nathan Karr 0.5 E no (?) Walk-in-place NPCs set as "do not face player" should keep walking when talked to?
Prifurin 0.5 E F/11039 Map editor camera not corrected when enlarging the window and near right or bottom map edges
Fenrir 1 E F/11318 Bug #33 Importing scripts fails on Windows when hspeak shows a warning ("hspeak.exe reported failure, errorcode 2")
Anonymous 2 E F/11209 Bug #15 Crash when importing .tilemap with multiple layers (crash report 6eaee903)
Nathan Karr 2 E+ F/11049 Crash in hero editor when browsing for portrait palette, when "Portrait Picture: None"
Santino Labbate 1 E no bz# | sf#}}2040] Spread absorb attacks display don't display correct total absorb amount
Santino Labbate 0.5 E no bz# | sf#}}2041] Attacks cannot occur on the same clock tick
Santino Labbate 1 E no bz# | sf#}}2042] Enemy ready meter not reset if dead enemy replaced by spawn
Charbile 1 E F/yes Non-standard sized (taller than 20px) hero sprites cause overdraw in Quit menu
Feenick/Charbile 0.5 E F/11073 Camera glitches when using walkabouts taller than 20px and switching focus between walkabout and tile
Feenick 1 E F/11065 "gain hero stat" could divide by zero and set a stat to 2147483647
Feenick 0.5 E F/yes "slot:weapon 2" output to .hsi if the Weapon slot name has an icon in it
Sword 0.5 E F/yes airbrush tool draws asymmetrical blobs
Nathan Karr/TailBit 1 E no Team menu unusable by keyboard when mouse is over it ... even when the mouse is hidden in fullscreen
Nathan Karr/TailBit 0.5 E no Mouse is functional in fullscreen even when it's hidden. Should be shown temporarily when used
Nathan Karr 1 E F/11110 Textboxes opened on the first tick were mispositioned when resolution not 320x200.
Feenick 1 E+ F/11142 Enemy cursor position customisation is broken (shows wrong position in enemy editor)
Bena 0.5 E F/11133 "NPCstat:onetime use flag" doesn't exist
RMZ 1 E+ no Crashrpt crash reporter window not appearing on a certain computer, though dll does load
Feenick 2 E+? no Crash in lookupslice (specifically SliceChildByIndex) due to Slice ptr == -1 (crash report b15880a0)
Nathan Karr 0.5 E? no Hero appears for a moment when walking into a wall while riding a vehicle with heroes hidden
Fyrewulff 1 E+ F/11144 Backdrops mispositioned in battles when game resolution not 320x200
Prifurin 1 E wontfix gfx_sdl: possible for window state to become mucked up after fullscreening Custom, can't switch back to window with taskbar (probably yet another SDL fullscreen bug)
Feenick 1 E unmerged [fixed in git, but something else broke] In turn-based mode if the player picks a "Delay doesn't block further actions" attack then cancels it, the cancelled attack still happens
Idontknow/Bena/Prifurin/Anonymous 2 E F/11416 Bug #41 Corrupt tileset graphics and crash in Test Game in drawmap due to bad tileset ptr in Map slice, after swapping certain map layers (or editing the tilemap?) (crashrpt 85fb4b1c, ca61cf, many more)
Wobbler 2 E? no Memory corruption: Crash inside free() in palette16_delete while drawing a sprite (crash report 698950, wip 20190507.11155)
MirceaKitsune 0.5 E+ F/11170 Can't compile with GCC 9 (sscanf argument error)
sheamkennedy 1 E no Bug #1131 Need a backcompat bit to not clear the screen before redraw: old behaviour is exploited by Gun Pigs
Fyrewulff 0.5 E F/11167 HSpeak (always) prints "file not found" without filename
Bena 1 E+ G/11751 distributing an SDL2 build doesn't include the SDL2 dlls
Feenick 2 E? no READGLOBALSTRING(common.rbas:5261) <- GLOBALTEXTSTRINGSMENU::ADD_ITEM crash (report 25cfc928) Looks like memory corruption from elsewhere.
Wobbler 2 E? no Bug #25 TOP_LEFT_PLANK(plankmenu.bas:379) <- ITEM_SCREEN_REFRESH crash (report bf14f9b3) Looks like memory corruption from elsewhere
Sword/cammySashimi 2 E+ F/11171/11176 Array OOB crash when entering item or enemy editor if num elements < 8
Fenrir 1 E+ F/11207 (blocker) "suspend box advance" changed to suspend choicebox controls breaks games like Vikings which "wait for key (usekey), advance textbox" while boxes suspended
Fenrir 1 E+ F/11317 Bug #34 (blocker) "include, plotscr.hsd" is broken on Windows
Sword 0.5 E F/11175 Can't compile for ARM (RPi3) without 'scons arch=armv7-a' flag
Bird 0.5 E F/11183 scons doesn't recompile game.ico if it changes
nezbid 2 E no Bug #35 Randomly (separate occasions) all Global Text Strings and all walkabout spritesets blanked out (two occasions)
nezbid 2 E F/11521 Bug #36 Frequent "Permission denied" errors when trying to rename a .reld.tmp file over original .reld
MirceaKitsune 1 E+ F/11211 DrawSliceAt broken: Hero sprites don't appear in hero pickers (Order, Team, Status, etc.) or Quit
MirceaKitsune 2 E+ F/11212 Crash in Quit menu in Spooks & Summon
kylekrack 1 E? no Bug #23 mac wip 20190306: using options like Test Game, Compile Scripts causes Custom to freeze until I click the X to close https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/429686966507012108/603329849913769985/ohrfreezebug.mov
Sword 0.5 E+ F/11214 If an equip slot name is blank, not shown in Equippable in Slot bitsets menu
RMZ 1.5 E no BUG: out of range slice frame when replacing a walkabout sprite with an enemy sprite (crash report)
Wobbler 1.5 E+ F/11290 BUG: "No sprite browser available for sprite type 10" when selecting spriteset for Enemy slice in slice editor
Bena 2 E+ F/11269 Both Game and Custom crash when using Test Game -- bad inworkingdir() declaration (multiple crash reports)
Bena 1 E+ no gfx_sdl2: window scale can't be changed, including Window Size options
Bena 0.5 E+ F/11225 gfx_sdl2: scroll wheel didn't work
sheamkennedy 1 E? no Bug #26 Mac: importing scripts asks permission to access computer, and Custom freezes if you click No
Sword 1.5 E+ F/11274 Crash when cancelling out of secret "New Spriteset/Animation Editor" menu
Sword 1.5 E F/11275 Crash when entering script debugger, in scriptstate(): 'abs' not recognised
kylekrack 1 E F/11276 Negative-size rect slices didn't draw their borders
Willy Elektrix 1.5 E F/11284 "BUG: readbit overflow" if a map had 16 layers
Sword 2 E+ F/11303 Empty active parties and OOB errors/crashes because findhero(-1) was broken
Sword/Prifurin 0.5 E no At higher resolutions, on leaving Equip/Spell/Save menu edges of the screen go black for a tick (due to compatpage)
Sword 1.5 E F/11404 "BUG: Layer menu resetpt broken" when deleting a map layer. Due to mashing keys? Reproducible but doesn't always happen.
Bena 1.5 E no Bug #1130 Tiles mysteriously getting reset to default passability in map editor. Not clear when it happens
Foxley 0.5 E no Bug #1129 (Cause of above?) (Not confirmed) After pressing space/enter after selecting an area with Mark, it will often instantly clone stamp onto an area you didn't even select. (Tile merigng off).
Sword/Feenick 2 E- G/11775 Bug #1095 SIGSEGV inside slice_editor_mouse_over while switching between collections. Could not reproduce. [crashrpt a08bb1b1]
Sword 2 E+ F/11408 Crash when entering spriteset thingbrowser with too-high set number (e.g. after importing .slices from another game)
kylekrack 1 E F/11320 Hero becomes stuck in place with walking animation after using setherospeed (have script and breakout0001.gif)
Gaplan 2 E F/11411/11412 Bug #40 A crash in evalherotags while adding the starting hero, when that hero def has been deleted (report 912f86)
Sword 1 E F/11413 "create npc" creates NPC slices not associated with an NPC: "npc reference from slice" doesn't work
kylekrack 1 E? no Scrollwheel doesn't work in Custom on Mac
MirceaKitsune 0.5 E F/11367 gcc -dumpversion is unreliable, can break compiles
moonrune 1 E+ F/11377 Android Custom: data and help files not found for .rpgs in subdirectories
moonrune 1 E+ no Android Custom: caps-lock and typing with shift don't work (with real keyboard)
Sword 1 E+? no (unconfirmed) In Witch DX: first item in spells menu in-battle doesn't highlight when you select it
Sword 1 E F/11410 ERROR when exporting scripts if a script filename contained '(', etc
Bena 1 E no Bug #39 Temporary folders sometimes not cleaned up on Windows (observed while packaging for 32 bit linux).
Prifurin 0.5 E F/11420 gfx_sdl/Windows: Test Game window was placed slightly off the top of the screen
Prifurin 1 E+ no gfx_sdl2: returning the editor from fullscreen mode via alt-enter gives a weird-sized (large) window
Bird 2 E? no Crash on Windows 95 while using the text search at the text boxes (regardless of what was entered in the box).
Bird 0.5 E F/11436 Trailing , on integer-valued percentages in some locales e.g. in Status meu (format_float/format_percent)
Feenick 0.5 E G/11588 Weapon picture/palette not reloaded until equipment changed (saved games/Test Game)
Ravancloak 0.5 E no Mac OS 10.13: Custom doesn't detect when launching Game was blocked by Gatekeeper (popen returns success) because yet hasn't run/allowed Game yet
Ravancloak 1 E no Mac OS 10.13: "everything that requires custom to communicate with another app never works the first time": oggenc "can't communicate error"
Sword 2 E+ F/11555 Default palettes not being saved correctly sometimes
Bird 1 E? no Inspecting large crashed working.tmp directories is very slow on slow computers (up to 20s startup for Custom) Confirmed in VM w/ POWERXE.rpg
Prifurin 0.5 E no gfx_sdl: changing window zoom in fullscreen leads to bad results, sometimes glitches.
Gaplan 1 G- no gfx_sdl/Windows: (original saw 2018) (Same as above?) In fullscreen, (320x200 and larger) games are stretched horizontally and black bars at top-bottom. Maybe caused by window zoom setting. 1920x1080 laptop
kylekrack 1 E no "create npc", "set npc position", "put npc" don't position NPC slice immediately
kylekrack 1 E no When entering map, on the first tick before drawing NPC (and hero?) slices are at 0,0
KxMP 2 E- no bz# | sf#}}2000] Occasional Midi crash when looping on Windows using music_sdl backend [not new, but very helpful]
Anonymous 1.5 E+ F/yes "ERROR: Data file data/spriteset_editor.slice not found" [crashrpt c5b66f4f]. I forgot to check the file into svn
Prifurin 1 F- no No aspect ratio preservation on Android, even when playing games w/ resolutions like 170x170, which look terrible
DWRL 1 F- G/11578 Linux binaries don't run on modern distros like Arch because libncurses.so.5 missing
DWRL 1 F! G/11614 scons doesn't work at all if euc missing
Nathan Karr 1 F G/11795 Mouse hover colour may be black/bg in very small palettes (reported refuses to use normal text colour, but can't repo that)
Prifurin 0.5 F! F/11584 Stable version of Plotscripting dictionary on website was missing icons [retroactively fixed in fufluns]
Santino Labbate 1 F- G/11583 bz# | sf#}}2045] "Lost HP (target)" base attack stat was always 0
Feenick 1 F-? no On-death bequest attacks not chaining
Prifurin 0.5 F! G/11593 "Scrolling chequer" option in Backdrops menu and elsewhere doesn't scroll
Anonymous 1.5 F G/11786 Crash due to divide by zero in FIX_RECORD_COUNT for songdata.bin [crashrpt 88bba8a4]
Anonymous 2 F G/11774 Backdrops larger than 2048x2048 cause crash in SPRITESET_FOR_FRAME while loading .rgfx [crashrpt 70f661]
Anonymous 1 F G/11776 "BUG killscriptthread: Inappropriate call" possible when killing script from scripterr [crashrpt e73ac00a]
Feenick 1 F- H/11813 Bug #1118 Turn-based battles: Attacks with both a turn and a regular delay can be delayed too many turns [have testcase]
Feenick 0.5 F- G/11601 Script triggers such as "NPC script trigger" surprisingly aren't script IDs, attempt to compare to script ID don't work
Feenick 0.5 F- G/11604 Upleasant flashing of spell targeting hero picker menu background when "spread" is active
Prifurin 1 F- G/11625 Can't import audio on Mac OS 10.15
Prifurin 0.5 F! G/11622 Can't import wav as music, despite Fufluns whatsnew claiming you could
Prifurin 0.5 F- no Android (9): Can't browse directories on newer Android OSes, have to plus .rpg files inside ohrrpgce-game's data directory (EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission missing)
Prifurin 0.5 F- no Android (9): phone screen locks/turns off if idle in-game for a while
Sword 2 F no "BUG: interpolatecat: cats() array access out of bounds (-2147483648)"
Bena 1 F G/11752/11753 innosetup download fails (because wget.exe out of date for SSL, and wrong curl args on Win10)
Willy Elektrix 0.5 F G/11644 Walk speeds that aren't divisible into 20 cause catapillar heroes to overlap (also, the distance between heroes isn't constant)
FnrrfYgmSchnish 1 F no Bug #1120 "Ally (including dead)" targeting lets you target heroes who are off the screen due to a jump attack
Bena 1 F- G/11691 "create sprite" always returns 0
Feenick/Wobbler 1 F+ G/11728 Blending wrong as screen fades in
Prifurin 1 E no music_sdl (not music_sdl2): ogg music channels swap on loop
kylekrack 0.5 F no Bug #1114 Mac: when using Command+1/2/3/4, the window doesn't center
kylekrack 1.5 F no Bug #1113 gfx_sdl2 Mac build doesn't run
Bena 1 F- G/11760 Can't distribute linux packages from recent Win10 (incompatible C:\Windows\System32\tar.exe)
Ravancloak 1 F+ wontfix Null slice error in pixel-walker v2.2 due to new "get hero slice" behaviour
Ravancloak 0.5 F- G/11765 Click/Enter on non-submenu menu items in General Game Settings exits the menu
Feenick 1 F- no Bug #1116 Enemies with on-death bequest attacks that die to poison delay attack for a turn
kylekrack 1.5 F no Bug #1117 Crash or strange error on script recursion overflow
Ravancloak 0.5 F- H/11835 "load palette" reverted randomly while using Test Game
Idontknow 1 F+ G/11792 "Attempt to treat container as a sprite" error when adding a new enemy
???/Willy Elektrix/Rue 1 G! unmerged Color lookups for e.g. sprite transparency and tag debug menu are wrong until "update palette" called
kylekrack 1 G! H/11811 "set opacity" doesn't necessarily turn on blending
Hedera Helix 1 G- H/11832 Last color of 4-bit png 16 color palette cut off on import
Kefyrra 1 G- no Can't download/extract utilities: "cannot create C:/Program Files (x86)/OHRRPGCE/support/gzip.exe"
Ravancloak/Rue 2 G- no Bug #1128 SDL_mixer crash on Mac when loading a MIDI
Prifurin 1 G- H/11833 Wrong default palette after importing a frame
Applesauce 1 G- H/11825/11826 Status menu shows XP to next level when at level cap; Battles show gained XP when at level cap
Sword/kylekrack 1 G! H/11831 Shift-arrow movement in sliceedit moves twice
Hops 1 G- H/11841 Default passability not deleted when a tileset is; reappears when new tileset added. [See also another tileset delete bug above]
Andrusi 0.5 G- H/11830 Victory animation glitch if battle ends while a hero is walking
Prifurin 1 G- no Bug #1132 Windows+gfx_sdl: resizing Game's window in a debug menu then exiting doesn't properly reset resolution; if window is minimised it doesn't come back
Willy Elektrix/Prifurin 1 G no "ERROR: Data directory data/defaultgfx not found." in showerror in OHRRPGCE-Game.app (Mac)
Willy Elektrix 1.5 G no Can't run fullscreen on Mac (asquatter): "Failed to find display resolution: 1024x640x32"
Sword 0.5 G- no Bug #1110 (another symptom): scroll gltich when adding new walkabout set while window maximised
Prifurin 1 G- H/11870 Bug #1133 Bitdefender premium Safe Files blocking game.exe
Prifurin 1.5 G? no (BUG) OPENFILE: empty filename when starting game.exe. Win10, gfx_sdl2. Packaged game?
Rue 1 G- no Bug #1134 Can't push NPCs using mouse controls
Foxley 0.5 G- no Can activate and push an NPC at the same time
Prifurin 1 G no Can't run tar when path to tar contains a space
kylekrack 1 G- no When "teleport to map" is used while the hero is midstep they continue their step after
Foxley 0.5 G no When hero speed is 20, if you walk into a door and hit ESC at same time, screen fades out then back in with menu open
Willy Elektrix 1 G no mouse main menu activation issue https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=137668#137668

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