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WIP stands for "Work in Progress". It is used in two contexts:

WIP Features[edit]

A WIP feature is a feature that is being worked on currently, and will (likely) be in the next official release. It may also appear in a nightly/WIP build, depending on when it was added.

WIP features are marked in the Wiki with this tag:

This article or section discusses a brand new feature which is not included in the latest stable version, and may not even be in the next stable version. It can, however, be found in a nightly build, which can be found on the Downloads page. If you wish to discuss this feature, feel free to use the talk page or contact the developers.

(this is represented in the text itself as {{WIP}}), or with (This is a WIP feature) (which is {{WIP|inline}})

WIP features are usually added to the documentation at about the same time they become available in WIP/nightly builds.

Nightly/WIP Builds[edit]

A nightly build/WIP build is a preview of the next official version (a "stable release"). "Build" means a copy of the engine compiled and packaged for a specific operating system (OS). Users can download and test it without needing to know how to compile the source code themselves. WIP builds are automatically generated 'nightly' (every night at midnight, Toronto time).

You can download nightly builds from the Downloads page or from http://hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/nightly/

Note that nightly builds are skipped on days on which there were no changes made to the source code, and also there are often problems preventing nightlies for certain OSes from being built. Check datestamps at http://hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/nightly/ to see when a package was actually updated.

WIP builds differ from regular, stable releases in these ways:

  • They are often buggier than stable releases. Bugs are continuously accidentally added and then noticed and fixed, often within days, sometimes after months. The more obvious the bug, the more likely it'll be fixed quickly.
  • There may be new features and/or bug-fixes. These may not have been fully tested and may be only partly complete and not totally usable. Look at whatsnew.txt included in the download.
  • Sometimes (we try not to), there will be incompatibilities between different nightly builds because we got something wrong and had to change how it worked. These will be mentioned in IMPORTANT-nightly.txt in the download
  • The Distribute Game menu will package your game with the latest nightly build instead of the latest stable release

Please report bugs in nightly builds, as it's very likely we don't know about them yet, especially if it's horribly obvious -- or else we wouldn't have uploaded that change, would we?

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