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NeoTA: That GIF is dodgy; there are no times set for frames 4 and 6, so whether it plays correctly depends on the program you open it with. looks like the times should be 1000ms each. Wait, maybe this is GIMP, assuming that default == 1000ms, and then the playback assuming that default == 100ms:(

Anyway that black background is a bit too black for this whitish wiki. It might look better if the default bg color for images was #606060

Bob: I created it way back with Jasc Animation Shop... 2, I think? The Gimp has inadequate support for animated gif. It can save and load them but all frames have to have the same delay, so it is not suitable for editing this anim. Does the gif display wrong in your web browser?

NeoTA: GIMP supports all GIF features except palette-per-frame. Load it in and you will see the layers are named eg 'Frame 2 (600ms)(replace)' -- to adjust timing you edit layer names. When I loaded it, #4 and #6 didn't have a timing specified. If I edit them to be 1000ms, Filters->Animation->Playback plays them back correctly. And, saving it keeps the timing I specified; So maybe GIMP just doesn't do the right thing when loading frames with unspecified timing.

The gif displays correctly in Firefox.

That border works better, yes. I played around with different combinations and it is probably the best.

Bob: Ooh! Thanks! I am glad to have that information. Now I can have some fun :)

The Geek: I changed the colour of the Esperanto to a shade of green [that is in my mind] somewhat close to the original but still shows up nicely on white.

Bloodblade:Whats with the long delay before any new news arrives?![Feel free to delete this when new news DOES arrive]

TwinHamster: News takes time to make ;) I suppose this page won't get updated until the release of...Ubertzung? [And I'm pretty sure that nobody gets their comments deleted here]

Bloodblade:Hmmmm....perhaps you're right,but wouldn't there be news iindicating the release of Ubertzung?Besides,James,Mike C,Brian Fisher and the other developers need to hurry up!(no offense)WIPs are far too unstable to make complete games on,and I have large plans for the newest features!(layers,save map state,sound effects,and so on)

Vallen: Feel free to contribute to the project if you want to help it along. OHRRPGCE is open-source, and everyone who is willing can do their part to hasten it along. Otherwise, wait patiently like the rest of us.

Bob the Hamster: The main purpose this page still exists is as a formality for new users. When you visit the website for a program it is traditional to have a news page of some kind. That is always the first place I look if I want to see when a program was last updated. As for real OHR community news for established users, most of that lives in the Forums


i think xocolatl is misspelled - Daokaioshin 19:53, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

Twitter page[edit]

Just thought I should mention that the twitter link doesn't seem to go anywhere useful. Jabbercat


Juste: James, when we should see new version of OHRRPGCE? Is it frozen, or what?

Bob the Hamster (talk): I don't know when the next new version will be, we are still working on it. You can try the nightly wip builds if you want to see the latest changes before they are stable.

The Mad Cacti (talk): Maybe we should try to update the news on occasion so that visitors don't wonder what's become of us :)

Bob the Hamster (talk): yeah, I just never know what to say. That is why the news page is usually more or less a copy-paste of the first few lines of each release announcement. Maybe a link to a text version of the subversion log, so people will know development is still happening?