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Bob: If you need to be added to the not evil list, just ask here, and I or one of the other admins can add you. The Spamwords list does a good job of blocking 95% of our wiki spam, but it is ineffective against spammers who create throwaway login accounts. I suspect that in the near future, as spammers improve their robots, throwaway accounts will become a universal tactic.

I keep reading it as "Note-vil". Noteville? -Andrusi

Bob: good point. Re-named.

Mike: I assume that these are regexes like Spamwords, and so I can add comments?

Pkmnfrk # cyborg ;)

Bob: Actually, no. these are case-insensitive string comparisons. I could change that, when I find time for another round of hacking-and-testing. Comment support is limited to lines that start with #, you can't put a comment on the end of a line.

Mike: Ah. Of course, I see no reason why we would need regexes for this. Other than things like:

Bob (the hamster)?

but, that's just laziness.

The Geek: How do you know I'm not evil?... I mean, heh heh, thank you! Heh heh... *cough* Ahem.

Jessica: I am a person! Please could you add me to the not evil list? Thanks.

QS Computing: I'm not evil! Please add me. Thanks.

Nintendork: I've been using OHR since I was in third grade, I'm not evil. I'd appriciate being added to the list.

Shael Riley: Holy crap! The OHRRPGCE still exists! And it's still using the music I wrote for it over eight years ago! Fantastic. :)

Yoshiboy: I have been editing OHRRPGCE-Wiki for some time now, I thought it was about time to get an actual account.

I'm Joe from the forums. I'm evil, but not a spammer.

Mike C. Hi Joe. Unfortunately, we can only de-spammerify those with usernames.

Sorry Joe again this isn't my computer so sorry to trouble.

Bob the Hamster 11:39, 28 June 2006 (PDT): Hi, Joe. For the purposes of this list, spamming is the only evil. But if you want to be added to the Not Evil list, you should create a wiki account.

The Geek: You should register, it's really very simple and it gives your edits a bit more identity.

Kizul Emeraldfire: I'm not sure how this works (I'm adding a comment to this page, I hope that was the right button… <.<; >.>;), but maybe you could add me? :D

Mike C. It appears that you're already on the list...

Kizul Emeraldfire: Yay! :D

Daokaioshin: I am a machine, but of the love variety rather than the spam one, so I'd like to be added to the list.

Bloodblade:I have used this wiki for some time...but started an account,and started editing it recently...add me?

Mike C.: You were added the other day, actually. (also, ~~~ translates into the [[User:username]] thing)

S'orlok Reaves: Wow, that's amazingly useful! Thanks! (Given my long username, that's upped my efficiency by, like a factor of 12.) I think this was buried somewhere on Wikimedia's help page... never noticed it before.

Mike C.: Hmm, I've mentioned it several times...

--Dorumagesu 18:47, 31 December 2007 (PST) Bob, there's a new user called Nicklikesmen on the wiki.

Bob the Hamster: I am not certain of that at the moment.

Newbie McButts: I am not evil.


--Dorumagesu 12:28, 4 January 2008 (PST) Calehay is on the wiki.

Newbie McButts: Calehay isn't evil. He just needs an account and post here to not be considered a spam bot.

--Dorumagesu 13:15, 4 January 2008 (PST) He already has an account.

--TwinHamster 15:37, 4 January 2008 (PST) Actually, you don't need an account to contribute to a wiki.

King Trode 20:12, 5 January 2008 (PST): Not evil!

smeargle : Nor I!

Jabbercat : I might be evil, but I am not a spam bot!

--[User:Voltire|Voltire]] : I have an extreme lack of evil and request admission.

I'm not evil. Add me please?[edit]