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How me and the OHR came to be[edit]

I started making games with the OHR in the 3rd grade,I never finished any,but I loved the ease of using the OHR and stuck with it... later,in the 4th grade,I learned how to plotscript,and to tell the truth...I was would be hard..however,to my own(unbeleivable)surprise plotscripting was INCREDIBLY easy,so,in the end,the entire OHR was easy as,I finished my first game.Thru 5th,6th,7th,and 8th grade I never posted my games on the internet.Im in the 9th grade,and even now I haven't posted any of my games,and until I get to doing so,it wont be done.Nah,im just messing with ya! Im only 12!hehe...only in the 7th grade...

My games[edit]

This is a list of my current games,its incomplete,but when its finished,you'll be able to veiw the screenshots and so on.a=Alpha b=Beta f=Finished

  • EpicGame:A test-RPG,that I decided to "fix" so people can play it-and like it,or play and test it for bugs...I always update it with the newest features...

  • GeneForge:This game is coming along smoothly.The intro is done,and so is a ittle gameplay, enough to actually PLAY the game. a

Some other stuff[edit]

I have a website at,it contains some of my pixel art,games and other stuff...well,it will sometime soon...check it out!My Games n' Stuff

The site is updated very rarely,due to my lack of time.But,it is being watched,and I will (eventually) update it!

My friend recently tried one of my OHR games,and liked he's trying the OHR aswell He's making his first game,he named it "Yo Ghost" It really,REALLY sucks...but it does my heart good to see one more person use the OHR!