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New official stable versions of the OHRRPGCE are released on a schedule determined by divination (or perhaps just when we feel like it). Each version is given a memorable code-name for reference. Sometimes bugfix versions (named with a +, for example xocolatl+2) are released for important bugfixes when the next version is too far away.

version codename release date notes
previous Nameless versions 1997 or 1998-2002
previous handshake Nov 29 2002 "Henceforth all updates will have silly codenames"
previous espereble July 31 2003
previous wolfwood August 04 2003
previous paternoster October 05 2003
previous ozarks June 28 2004
previous quaternion May 19 2005 First GPL license version
previous rusalka October 03 2005
previous serendipity February 15 2006
February 16 2006 (+)
First official FreeBasic (Windows/Linux) version, midi music format support.
previous tirgoviste March 15 2006
previous hasta-la-qb July 09 2006
Aug 03 2006 (+)
Final DOS/QuickBasic release
previous ubersetzung September 21 2007 Includes a new demo game "Vikings of Midgard"
Sound effects, more music formats, 32-bit plotscripting, map layers
previous voxhumana January 21 2008 Menu and UI colours became customisable
previous werewaffle August 16 2008
August 20 2008 (+)
default master palette replacement, big performance improvements
previous xocolatl October 2 2008
October 3 2008 (+)
April 3 2009 (+2)
Portraits, box borders, NPC limit increase. xocolatl+ release includes an update to Vikings of Midgard that uses the new portrait feature
previous ypsiliform Jan 8 2010
Jan 28 2010 (+1)
Feb 8 2010 (+2)
Nov 8 2010 (+3)
Integrated F1 help, more map layers, slice-tree infrastructure, item limit increase, script trigger maintenance tools, sprite import/export, DirectX backend for Windows, default graphics backend became SDL, tons of other features and fixes. Includes a new version of Vikings of Midgard
previous zenzizenzic May 6 2011 Mac OS X port, improved DirectX backend for Windows now the default, slice collection editor, new save format, more NPCs, bigger maps, more elements, map zones, many other features and bugfixes
previous alectormancy June 15 2012
July 27 2012 (+1)
July 31 2012 (+2)
Simultaneous playing and editing, Game Distribution menu, Mac version improvements, and other things
previous beelzebufo April 9 2013 Option for Turn-Based battles, customizable battle menus, Map editor improvements, many other improvements
previous callipygous April 4 2016
June 6 2016(+1)
Android port and a bunch of other dang stuff, just read whatsnew.txt and stop bothering me ;)
previous dwimmercrafty August 31 2017 Pathfinding, editor usability improvements, .gif recording and more; read whatsnew.txt
previous etheldreme December 3 2017 New map editor features including mouse support, enemy appear animations, visual browsers for many things in the editor
previous fufluns January 12 2020 Variable-size sprites, play games with mouse or joystick, and very many other things - see whatsnew.txt
previous gorgonzola May 2 2020 Transparent sprites. See whatsnew.txt
current hróðvitnir September 13 2021 Global NPCs, gfx_sdl2, actual gamepad support whatsnew.txt
next ichorescent Target: January 2022 Graphics features like better fonts, animations
future J??? (Not named yet) Target: ??? ???

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