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Serendipity is an old release of the OHRRPGCE. Serendipity means lucky coincidence. Serendipity is notable for being the version that merged in Simon Bradley's FBOHR port, becoming the first official release of 32-bit builds of the OHRRPGCE.

Serendipity was originally released on February 15, but unfortunately, due to bug 138, it had to be re-released. That is what the "+" in Serendipity+ means.

Serendipity added:

  • Windows version
  • Linux version
  • Midi music support
  • Lifted the 100 song limit
  • Lots of other cool stuff for details.

Query the release schedule for information about future versions.


Serendipity+ was released on February 16, 2006. It fixed a couple major bugs that crept in during the last few days of Serendipity development. Otherwise, it is identical to Serendipity.

Preceded by Version Release Date Succeeded by Current version
Rusalka February 15, 2006 Tirgoviste hróðvitnir

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