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Wolfwood is an old release of the OHRRPGCE. It is named for the priest from the Trigun animation series.

  • Fixed the bug that permitted you to cast MP-based spells in battle even when you did not have enough MP
  • Fixed the bug that resets the hero's picture and palette to zero if the hero is renamed when added to the party
  • It is no longer possible to get invalid item 255 (item 254 is the last item)
  • Added plotscripting commands: set victory music, get death script, set load script, get load script, set battle wait mode, set caterpillar mode, set no HP level up restore, set inn no revive mode, set full hero swap mode, hide battle ready meter, hide battle health meter, set debug keys disable

Query the release schedule for information about future versions.

Preceded by Version Release Date Succeeded by Current version
Espereble August 4, 2003 Paternoster hróðvitnir

History of Release Dates