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Lighting using map layers

Gorgonzola is the current stable release of the OHRRPGCE.

The only modestly obscure word Gorgonzola is the name of a variant of blue cheese. Word on the street is that it is tasty. Gorgonzola (the cheese) is named after a town in Milan. One theory holds that the town is named after Concordia, Roman goddess of agreement in marriage and society.

Gorgonzola is mostly a bug-fix release, with a few significant features:

  • Sprite and Map layer slices can be transparent, with three blending modes: normal, add (good for clouds, coloured lights), multiply (good for shadows).
  • Six new enemy dissolve/appear types (below)
  • Titlescreen Text, displayed at bottom of the tilescreen
  • Script triggers for adding, removing, swapping heroes
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fufluns May 2 2020 hróðvitnir gorgonzola

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