How do I give my game an icon?

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Windows and Mac[edit]

Starting with the Callipygous stable release, all you have to do is create a Square image in your favorite image editor, save it as a .png file, and then convert it with Save the resulting .ico file for Windows and .icns file for Mac (when downloading the Mac version you want "icns file" not "icns (finder ready)").

Save these files into the same folder as the .rpg file, and then use Export .ZIP (Windows) or Export Windows Installer or Export Mac OS X App Bundle in the Distribute Game menu. If your game is gamename.rpg then the icon file should be named gamename.ico for Windows or gamename.icns for Mac.

On Android[edit]

Android icons should be square PNG images. The preferred size is 256x256 pixels. (Google play requires 512x512 for your store listing, but resizing a png is easy)


Linux Icons are not supported yet, but hopefully they will be in a future version.

Change icon in Source Code[edit]

The game icon can be changed in the source files of the OHRRPGCE, too, by replacing game.ico and compiling. (If compiling etheldreme or older, build/gicon.obj has to be manually deleted before recompiling.)

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