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S'orlok Reaves: Question: I know that OHR games need not be GPL'd. But, does the GPL apply to games that DON'T specify a license? What about resources? I ask this because I want to use some of the enemy graphics from Wandering Hamster in one of my classes, for use with some "palette swapping" code... can I do this?

Bob the Hamster: Games that do not specify a license are assumed to be plain ol' copyright. No OHR game can ever be automatically GPLed just because the OHR is GPL (just like your thesis can't be assumed to be GPL just because you typed it in OpenOffice).

As for Wandering Hamster, yes, you can use the sprites. I haven't gotten around to re-licensing formally because I was waiting on music issues, but I give you permission to use the sprites as if they were GPL. (The final license for WH will probably end up being dual GPL+CC-Attrib-Sharealike which are the same in spirit, but not automatically compatible for fiddly legalistic reasons)

S'orlok Reaves: Ah, legalese.... anyways, thanks for your permission. I don't have a JSP world-enabled server (it's all intra-netty over here) so here's a snapshot of the palette swap utility in action:

[Demo Pic]

It's quite fun in that each "base color" (e.g., "Plip Green") is represented in RGB, while the various shades used for the Plip's contours are represented in HSB.