Map Format

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Each map is stored in seven files per map, plus records in three global files. Due to a hack to get around an earlier limit, for maps 0 to 99, the last two characters of the extension are the map number (padded with a zero if needed), and the trunk of the filename is the archinym name. (eg. wander.T07)

For maps 100 upwards, the filename is the map number, with the single letter extension with no numerals. (eg. 132.T)

  • .T## Tilemap
  • .P## Passability (wall) map
  • .E## Enemy (foe) map
  • .D## Door links
  • .L## NPC Locations
  • .N## NPC definitions
  • .Z## Zone map (may not exist)

In addition, a record (equal to the map number) in each of the following lumps hold more map data:

  • MAP general data about each map
  • MN lump holds the name of each map
  • DOX door positions