2007 Epic Marathon Contest

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On May 31st 2007, Bob the Hamster was shot by an unknown assassin. He is currently in the hospital, listed in serious, but stable condition. He has been in a coma since the shooting, and has been unable to name his attacker. The attacker remains at large, but several clues have been found. You can learn more about the incident, and find out what you can do to help here: http://www.castleparadox.com/ohr/viewtopic.php?t=5253

The Trail Thus Far[edit]

Buford's initial findings of a mysterious recording and three photographs ([1], [2], [3]) finally led him down the path to Bob's shooting, but he was too late to prevent the crime. It seems the mastermind behind this heinous plot has an ego and has left behind more clues as to his motive, location, and identity.

  1. Fortunately, we’re not going in this blind. As it turns out, the mastermind has an ego, and thus he left us a clue. Unfortunately, I do not have that clue, as it was slipped onto Buford’s bulletin board and I don’t have the keys to the security center to get it. But for those who think they can break into his office, they should search for the picture that’s named after its file type. It may lead to other clues regarding his identity, his location, and his motive. Though, that’s only assuming his ego matches his stealth enough to distribute more. - Clue 1
  2. Those who seek the truth should look for answers where 10 becomes 30, according to one who likes a good can of soda - Clue 2
    • Solved by Artimus Bena here
  3. Those who seek the truth should find the place where the second Epic Marathon was postponed - Clue 3
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  4. For those who seek the truth, you should search the milestone thread about the topic that helped gain my notoriety here - Clue 4
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  5. For those who seek the truth, visit a place of old and search for the grandest of "Joke" reviews - Clue 5
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  6. For those who seek the truth, search the place where one would like to see map names disabled in plotscripting - Clue 6
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  7. For those who seek the truth to search the place where an old man and his dog sleep before taking on an impossible mission - Clue 7
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  8. For those who seek the truth, look for the place where you can buy Seven-Sided Dice - Clue 8
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  9. If you're seeking the next one, look where gatherers come together to discuss how they found a game engine - Clue 9
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  10. Those who seek the truth would first seek out the origins of City of Dreams - Clue 10
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  11. Those who seek the truth should first speak to Truth - Clue 11
    • Solved by Dried Throne here
  12. Those who seek the truth may find hidden meaning in Stats - Clue 12
    • Already found by Moogle1
  13. Those who seek the truth may find what they are looking for in a Heat-ed art thread - Clue 13
    • Found and Solved by Moogle1 here
  14. Those who seek the truth would be wise to find some common sense - Clue 14
    • Solved by Moogle1 here
  15. Those who seek the truth would note the 30th day of the 8th month of 2005 - Clue 15
    • Found by Uncommon here
    • Solved by Moogle1 here
  16. Those who seek the truth would benefit from taking the Time to tell someone who cares What they Would Like To See - Clue 16
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  17. Those who seek the truth might want to check a certain Admin's journal entries - Clue 17
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  18. Those who seek the truth, I hereby Announce, you are chasing A Story For The Ages - Clue 18
    • Solved by Moogle1 here
  19. For those who seek the truth, look for the 336th thing that marred its perfection - Clue 19
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  20. For those who seek the truth, first know that THIS IS NOT SPAM, as one might infer if he or she visited an old chat for OHRRPGCE Users, especially one with pop-up ads. Clue 20
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVXJfttWqgg ths lnk iz n0t p0rn. u shld w@tch it f u wnt 2 knw teh truth!!! --- Teh lnk wz rong. Srry. Ths iz teh lnk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L79h0OSMAGs - Clue 21
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  22. Those who seek the truth would read page sixteen of the big picture thread Clue 22
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  23. http://www.motherhamster.org/ Clue 23
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  24. Those who seek the truth would patiently browse castleparadox's BAMtastic for a list of people's favorite songs - Clue 24
    • Solved by Uncommon
  25. Those who seek the truth will want to download the BAM Developer's Kit - Clue 25
    • Found and Solved by Uncommon here
  26. Those who seek the truth, would revisit the castleparadox announcement thread of what is widely regarded as the shortest-lived stable release ever - Clue 26
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  27. Those who seek the truth would want to know what the problem used to be with the setenemyrewards command - Clue 27
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  28. Those who seek the truth would wear T-shirts proclaiming their fear of Fluffy Sheep - Clue 28
    • Solved by Uncommon here
  29. http://motherhamster.org/finalclue/ - Clue 29
    • Solved by TwinHamster here
  30. http://motherhamster.org/finalclue/abrahamnobfondler.html Clue 30
    • Solved by TwinHamster here
  31. Nobfondler doesn't know who shot Bob the Hamster, but somebody must know...Listen Carefully Clue 31
    • Solved by TwinHamster here
  32. Listen Carefully - Clue 32


  • My current home is not the place I'm from, but the place I long to fit into - Clue 2
  • My new home’s philosophy is that computers are evil, acting as a prison for misbehaving imps - Clue 3
  • You may find the location in an enclosed space - Clue 4
  • Like the place of his birth, he had three, while I only had one - Clue 5
  • To find what gets me around, find the woman from the New World and her twenty-first sound - Clue 6
  • Always the best choice for all of your slime-training needs - Clue 7
  • As leader, I would close it with a click - Clue 8
  • There's a hit song named after my job title, recorded by a group who apparently has a thing for spots on hide - Clue 9
  • My new home has three of these, but my first only has one - Clue 10
  • The amenities of basic living are strangely absent here, save the amenity that transports a person to the land of dreams. - Clue 11
  • The myth of the protein bars made their mark on me, thanks to him - Clue 12
  • The people who told us to "Live and Let Die" share a name with the part that gets me around - Clue 13
  • They say eyes are like this to the soul. They say this is what I hid behind - Clue 14
  • I wanted to make this visible to the naked eye - Clue 15
  • The distance from my new home to my old one is the shortest - Clue 16
  • I’ve seen Universal Studios once. Two of its attractions make a mockery of my birth home - Clue 17
  • Four floors of windows hide only two floors of space - Clue 18
  • I have great empathy with Iago - Clue 19
  • "If you heard of Trundle, then you probably heard of me." --Mystery Person - Clue 20
  • The proprietor was a showman - Clue 21
  • I wanted to be in the position to say things like "I will never impress anyone by telling them the things I haven't done." - Clue 22
  • You may find I have much in common with Odysseus - Clue 23
  • My birth home does not subscribe to the laws of the place that is photographed in the article that suggests making pets out of wheat - Clue 24
  • On the address promoting my home, you may find the blueprints containing the shooting place - Clue 25
  • Entertainment shows talk about folks with his quality - Clue 26
  • I do not have what sets everyone apart from each other - Clue 27
  • Like a rock star, every creature has an addiction - Clue 28
  • He deserved the fate of Romulus Augustus - Clue 29