Can I make my own version of Wandering Hamster?

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This question has come up several times. The answer is both yes, with one condition.

Wandering Hamster is released under the terms of the GPL (Share and share alike), so if you use Wandering Hamster as a base to build your own game, you need to be willing to share your own improvements to Wandering Hamster under the same terms.

Before you start your own version[edit]

Before you start your own version, consider helping out with the official version. James welcomes improvements to existing artwork, new artwork that fits the theme, music composition and remixes, and other forms of assistance and suggestions.

Unofficial Sequels[edit]

Bob the Hamster is a trademark of James Paige and Hamster Republic Productions. Any derivative works and unofficial sequels are considered "Non-Canon" fan-fiction in the Bob the Hamster universe.

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