Compiling 64-bit builds

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Compiling 64 bit builds is supported with FB 1.04+ (and possibly earlier) on Unix (Linux, BSD, Mac OSX). Only lightly tested, no known problems. Win64 isn't tested and probably won't work.

The OHRRPGCE build system defaults to the same target architecture as fbc (which you can see with "fbc -version", which can be override with the arch=... flag to scons. FB can be installed with multiple sets of libraries for different targets (you can see which targets are installed by looking in FB's lib/freebasic/ directory), which is independent of its default target.

So to force a 64-bit build, run:

  scons arch=64 

If compiling FB yourself, do "make MULTILIB=64" in the FB source directory.

Note that arch and target options don't affect compiling HSpeak. If you want to compile a 32 or 64 bit build of HSpeak, you need to use a build of Euphoria which supports (and defaults) to it.