FreeBASIC snippets

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This page is like the Script dump but for FreeBASIC code instead of HamsterSpeak. Because it isn't possible to mod Custom with scripts, sometimes temporarily modding the engine with a few lines of FB can save hours of time for some editing task.

Copy data from enemies to heroes[edit]

This function creates a new hero definition for each enemy definition, and copies over name and elemental resists. You could easily copy over stats and more too.

SUB enemy_elementals_to_heroes()
 FOR enemynum as integer = 0 TO gen(genMaxEnemy)
  DIM enemy as EnemyDef
  loadenemydata enemy, enemynum
  DIM her as HeroDef =
  FOR i as integer = 0 TO maxElements - 1
   her.elementals(i) = enemy.elementals(i)

  gen(genMaxHero) += 1
  saveherodata her, gen(genMaxHero)
 xbsave game + ".gen", gen(), 1000