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Various characters, both important and otherwise, who you'll meet at various points in Fnrrf Ygm Schnish: Alleghany Hell School. They range from students to faculty all the way to... aliens and vampires?

Party members[edit]

Eddie Ril[edit]


A seemingly ordinary high school student at first glance, he's kind of a loner with only a few friends. When forced into a combat situation, he's likely to pick up a stick, a hammer, or whatever other random object happens to be lying around nearby... or, if faced with a more worthy opponent, he'll bust out his special technique: the mighty Blubber Slam! Eddie's HP and Attack are higher than anyone else's, and most of his other stats aren't too bad either... with the exception of his Accuracy and Speed, which are the lowest out of the entire cast. He has no special powers that he's aware of, though lately he's been getting a strange feeling that something is going on or someone is watching him... but whenever he looks around, nobody's there. It seems that Eddie might somehow be able to sense something related to the weird things that have been going on around Alleghany High School... but how?

Joguo Goueng-Zu[edit]


A ninja-in-training, young Joguo is the heir to the Goueng-Zu ninja clan that was exiled from Japan following a mysterious disaster and immigrated to Alleghany County a couple centuries ago. He's been slacking off at his ninja training during the high school years so his ninjutsu isn't quite up to par with what's expected by his family, but he's still a formidable opponent, especially if you're comparing him to the usual thugs and jocks you might end up fighting in a high school. Though his HP and Attack aren't quite as high as Eddie's, he does have the highest Defense of any character in the game as well as high Speed and decent Accuracy and Evade. His low points are his Power and especially Wisdom, making him vulnerable to magical attacks. Though he mostly prefers to stick to himself, it's a known fact that everyone loves ninjas, so he ends up attracting more attention from his fellow students than he intends. The blue hair probably doesn't help, though he insists it's 100% natural.

Ninjutsu Techniques

  • Dodge: Joguo focuses his energies on avoiding attacks, temporarily boosting his Evade to ten times its usual level.
  • Shuriken: Joguo throws a ninja star at one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, he may throw two or even three instead.
  • Trip Up: A sweeping kick attack which damages and stuns one enemy. Learned at level 3.
  • Jump Kick: Jump up, then land a powerful kick on one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, it may land a critical hit. Learned at level 8.
  • Seal: Joguo throws a scroll with a ninjutsu seal at one enemy, temporarily preventing the use of some special attacks. Learned at level 11.
  • Rush: Temporarily triples Joguo's speed. Learned at level 15.
  • Spreadshot: Joguo flings ninja stars at all enemies. With a high Shiznit stat, he may throw one or two extra shuriken afterward. Learned at level 18.

Bridget Sticke[edit]


Eddie and Joguo have known Bridget since their elementary school days, but there's still something oddly mysterious about her, like they've never really gotten to know her. Fighting alongside her in the process of investigating the power outage and other strange things going on around the school might just change that, however. She is capable of using powerful offensive magic, specializing in spells which summon flames and call down lightning -- and she's no slouch at close-range combat either, tearing away at opponents with her claw-like fingernails. Bridget is by far the fastest of the playable characters, outspeeding even Joguo. Her Power stat is also the highest. However, she is somewhat frailer than most characters, with lower Defense than anyone else. She is one of a group of girls that some jokingly refer to as "the Swarm," sometimes considered one of the group's leaders alongside Sarah Fartbean.


  • Swarmclaw: Bridget slashes all enemies with her claws in a burst of blinding speed. With a high Shiznit stat, it may become "Swarm Shred," which hits all enemies up to three times.
  • Shred: Bridget runs up to one enemy and slashes them three times in a row. Learned at level 9.
  • Slasher: Infusing her claws with magic, Bridget slashes one enemy, reducing their HP by one-third. Learned at level 12.
  • Slashwave: Infusing her claws with magic, Bridget unleashes a shockwave that cuts all enemies' HP by one-third. Learned at level 18.

Magic Spells

  • Stare: An intense stare infused with magic, which reduces one enemy's Shiznit.
  • Flame: A burst of fire burns one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also reduce their Defense.
  • Venom: Poisons one enemy.
  • Zap: A burst of electricity zaps one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also stun them. Learned at level 3.
  • Fear: Magically induces fear in one enemy, reducing their Attack. Learned at level 6.
  • Drain: Absorbs life-energy from one enemy. Learned at level 8.
  • Blind: Magically shrouds one enemy's eyes, reducing their Accuracy. Learned at level 11.
  • Regenerate: Speeds up the body's regenerative processes, gradually restoring HP. Learned at level 13.
  • Firewave: A wave of flames burns all enemies. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also reduce Defense. Learned at level 16.
  • Plasma: Beams of electrical energy erupt beneath all enemies. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also stun. Learned at level 17.
  • Rage: Magically induces aggressive thoughts, increasing one ally's Attack. Learned at level 20.
  • Phantom: Creates a terrifying illusion, reducing all enemies' Attack. Learned at level 21.
  • Illusion: Creates illusions that block vision, reducing all enemies' Accuracy. Learned at level 23.
  • Roast: A powerful roaring flame burns one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also reduce Defense. Learned at level 25.
  • Thunder: A powerful bolt of lightning zaps one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also stun. Learned at level 26.
  • Plague: Magically-enhanced bacteria are unleashed, poisoning all enemies. Learned at level 29.
  • Rift: Tears open a rift in space beneath one enemy, instantly eliminating them from battle. Learned at level 32.

Jason "Jay" Sehmat[edit]


A student who's known for being good with computers and other machines, he even brings a toolbox to school with him in case he has to fix something (because we all know the school's staff isn't going to do it, not when 90% of their budget is squandered on football.) Jay's stats are average all-around, with none being much higher or lower than any other -- aside from his Accuracy, which is by far the highest in the game. Though he's not much of a fighter, he tries to make up for it by wielding wrenches or hammers and taking aim at foes with a variety of defensive tools such as pepper spray, stun-guns, and poison darts. If given enough time, perhaps he could cobble together something more dangerous like a flamethrower or even a bazooka -- but for now, he's limited to putting together various junk items to create weapons for the other members of the team, like combining a set of metal claws with a worn-out baseball mitt to equip Bridget with a Freddy Krueger-style glove weapon.


  • Taser: Zaps one enemy, causing electrical damage and stunning them.
  • Pepper Spray: A blast of hot pepper juice to the face temporarily blinds one enemy.
  • Poison Dart: Launches a dart which damages and poisons one enemy.

Adam Nebozu[edit]


Full name Adam Muldfoom Nebozu, he's the student council president of AHS... thanks in part to numerous offers to provide free beer to the school's massive underage-drinker demographic. Sadly for the drunks among us, Adam is usually too busy drinking all the beer himself (or sharing with his buddies Mash and Tijje) to make good on his campaign promises. Like Jay he has no powers and isn't much of a fighter, but he isn't too bad at golf and will attempt to weaponize that skill if faced with something scary enough to fight but not quite scary enough to send him running screaming in the opposite direction. Sometimes this backfires, as hitting golf balls around in a small space can easily lead to the ball ricocheting and hitting his own allies (or even beaning Adam himself right in the face!) He and Eddie don't get along at all, though he is on more or less good terms with most members of the Swarm.

Golf Techniques

  • Putt: Sends a golf ball slowly rolling toward one enemy along the ground, causing exactly 1 damage if it hits.
  • Fore: Sends a golf ball flying at one enemy at high speeds.
  • Bogey: An accidental golf-ball ricochet which hits one of your party members rather than the enemy.
  • Golfball Rain: Somehow causes many golf balls to rain from the sky, striking all enemies.



A mysterious girl of unknown origin, she was discovered in a forgotten temple in the South American jungle by scientists working with Fartbean Enterprises. For reasons known only to Fartbean's CEO, she was handed over to Mr. Higgins for use in some sort of experiments. Like Bridget she is capable of using magic; unlike Bridget, her abilities are more focused on healing and defensive purposes, with only a few direct attacking spells among them. Damuru-J's stats are heavily focused toward her magical abilities, with the highest EP and Wisdom and good Power as well. However, she has little physical attacking power and her HP and Evade are the lowest in the game. She has no memory of her past beyond her awakening in South America, but certain words or phrases seem to trigger flashbacks and making use of her unusual powers causes her to relearn more and more of her own capabilities as she goes; maybe she'll recover some clearer memories of her previous life as time goes on.

Magic Spells

  • Refresh: Restores some of one ally's HP.
  • Purify: Magically removes all poisons from one ally's body.
  • Shield: Generates a protective barrier around one ally, increasing their Defense.
  • Fridge: A burst of sudden cold freezes one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also reduce their Speed. Learned at level 4.
  • Revive: Brings an unconscious ally back to fighting shape, restoring a bit of their HP. Learned at level 9.
  • Silence: Causes a mysterious silence to come over one enemy, disabling some of their special techniques. Learned at level 10.
  • Aura: Generates a protective aura around one ally, increasing their Wisdom. Learned at level 12.
  • Seeker: A bolt of magical energy that never misses its target. Learned at level 17.
  • Revert: Restores all of one ally or enemy's stats to normal, undoing both positive and negative changes. Learned at level 20.
  • Recover: A stronger healing spell which recovers more of an ally's HP. Learned at level 21.
  • Snowstorm: A wave of cold air and ice shards freezes all enemies. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also reduce Speed. Learned at level 23.
  • Panacea: Magically cures one ally of poison, paralysis, and mute all at once. Learned at level 24.
  • Refridge: A powerful cold surrounds and freezes one enemy. With a high Shiznit stat, it may also reduce Speed. Learned at level 28.
  • Resurrection: Fully restores an unconscious ally's HP. Learned at level 30.
  • Silent Zone: A mysterious silence surrounds all enemies, disabling some of their special techniques. Learned at level 35.

AHS Students[edit]

Mash Cracke[edit]


One of Adam's drinking buddies and vice-president of the student council. Adam, Mash, and Tijje are frequently seen hanging out together and drinking beer that they smuggled into the school (or sometimes, beer that Adam snuck out of the teacher's lounge fridge thanks to Mr. Higgins letting the student council president get away with things like that.) Mash is the heaviest drinker of the three, spending most of his classes drunk and nearly always carrying around at least one bottle of cheap beer; his locker contains more beer than books, and half the time he doesn't even care that it's gotten really warm due to the lack of air conditioning. When a fight breaks out, he's even known to use beer bottles as weapons, throwing "beerarangs" which somehow come back just like real boomerangs. He occasionally brags about past... interactions... with at least one member of the Swarm, but since he never actually mentions which one it's likely such things never happened anywhere but in his dreams.

Tijje McPupé[edit]


One of Adam's drinking buddies. Adam, Mash, and Tijje are frequently seen hanging out together and drinking beer that they smuggled into the school (or sometimes, beer that Adam snuck out of the teacher's lounge fridge thanks to Mr. Higgins letting the student council president get away with things like that.) Tijje is the dullest of the three, having so few distinguishing characteristics that he tends to blend in with the crowd. He's a bit of a bully, but prefers to do his bullying from behind a computer screen rather than in the halls or cafeteria -- his summer plans consist of looking up people's Livejournal accounts and leaving a barrage of nasty comments. In a fight he's pretty much just a common thug, having no special techniques of his own or even any weapon other than his bare fists. You probably wouldn't ever guess it by looking at them, but he's actually the brother of Swarm member Lauren McPupé.

Sarah Fartbean[edit]


Full name Sarah Nancos Fartbean, she sometimes goes by her middle name to avoid confusion with the numerous other Sarahs attending AHS. A member of the group of girls known as "the Swarm," she is sometimes considered one of the group's leaders alongside Bridget. Sarah is the daughter of William Fartbean, the CEO of Fartbean Enterprises, though she lives with her aunt and uncle in Alleghany County and doesn't get to see her father much since his company is based all the way out in Nevada. She generally takes an overly skeptical view of the strange events going down in Alleghany High School, often claiming that whatever unusual thing is happening can't be anything truly out of the ordinary or that Eddie and Joguo must be exaggerating (or outright imagining) it. Considering Mr. Higgins' connections to Fartbean Enterprises, could her skepticism be a front hiding that she knows something about what's been going on...?

Meghan Yomhan[edit]


A member of "the Swarm," she is most often seen hanging out with Lauren McPupé, who she's known from a very young age -- they even intentionally signed up for all the same classes. Of all the Swarm members, she's the nicest to people outside of the group, sometimes even talking to complete outsiders like Eddie.

Lauren McPupé[edit]


A member of "the Swarm," she is rarely seen without Meghan Yomhan by her side -- the two have known each other for years and even signed up for all the same classes. Recently she's been finding mysterious snail trails in unusual places, such as all over her locker, on top of her desk, or on the floor in places she's recently walked. Could these trails be the work of the legendary Yogurt Snail?

Sarah Moop[edit]


A member of "the Swarm." She's sometimes known by the nickname "Smoop," in order to avoid getting her mixed up with the numerous other people named Sarah attending AHS. She and Crusty have known each other since elementary school, even riding the same bus to and from school before they got their driver's licenses. Rumor has it that she and Tijje may have some sort of relationship, though it's unclear if this rumor has any basis in reality.

Crustine "Crusty" Lungenflemm[edit]


A member of "the Swarm." She's known Smoop for a long time, meeting the other members of the Swarm during the later elementary school years. Among the Swarm, she is the most focused on schoolwork and related activities and least likely to show up to the drunken parties that other members of the group sometimes host. It's likely that she'll distance herself somewhat from the others as they move into their college years.

Teachers and Faculty[edit]

Mr. Higgins[edit]


The principal of Alleghany High School. His full name is Kenneth Adolf Higgins, but everyone on a first-name basis with him calls him "Kenny" -- and some of the students prefer "Adolf" thanks to his totalitarian dress code policies. Many students (and even some of the teachers) have long believed him to be a little unhinged thanks in part to his weird fixation on people keeping their shirts tucked in regardless of whether the shirt was made to be worn that way or even whether it's physically possible. Recently, he's seemed even further off his rocker than usual, disappearing for most of the school day and having a crazed look and bloodshot eyes when he does make an appearance. He's obviously involved in the weird stuff going around at AHS lately -- the super suspicious announcement made urging everyone to just stay in the classrooms and wait the power outage out makes it pretty clear -- but could somebody like him really be the main villain?

Mr. Daye[edit]


One of the school's science teachers. Eddie, Adam, Mash, and Sarah Fartbean are all in his physics class during third block. He's Australian and frequently has unusual stories to share with his classes, both from Down Under and all the other places around the world that he's traveled to over the years -- from England and Wales to the tiny island nation of Nauru to the woods of Bath County. When Eddie decides to investigate the power outage, Mr. Daye is hesitantly supportive, telling his students that he doesn't trust Mr. Higgins and won't stop anyone from leaving the classroom.

Mr. O'tbran[edit]


One of the school's science teachers. Most students, including Eddie and other members of the playable cast, took his Biology class in their first or second year at AHS. Called "OB" by some of his students, he's interested in studying the giant bugs that have been sighted around the school lately and might offer you extra credit points (or money, in the case of those who aren't in one of his classes) in exchange for their discarded shells.

Ms. T'hooft[edit]


One of the school's science teachers. She's in charge of the Marine Biology class, which Joguo and all of the Swarm girls would normally attend during fourth block... though of course, with all the weird stuff going on in the school today, Joguo and Bridget end up skipping it this time around. She also seems to be investigating the sightings of a the legendary "Yogurt Snail" around the school, and keeps blurry photos of the snail and its slime trails stashed away in a filing cabinet which also contains newspaper clippings about freak lightning storms...

Señor Taquero[edit]


One of the school's Spanish teachers. He keeps a traditional Aztec weapon stashed away in his classroom just in case, a spiky wooden club that he's nicknamed the "Puppywhacker" despite only ever using it on burglars and unruly students. He might seem a little crazy at times, but most of the time it's only an act for the sake of entertaining his students -- just be glad he's on your side, because he's not afraid to go back to prison.

Cafeteria Ladies[edit]


The unfortunate souls who have to prepare meals out of the freezerburned messes, already-expired ingredients, and other inedible garbage that the school's tiny budget allows. They frequently have to reuse old food for several days, freezing it after the third and final lunch period every day just to make sure it doesn't attract bugs or rot too much before being served again tomorrow. In exchange for ignoring the strange voices and sounds of sticky, shuffling movement from beneath the kitchen's floors, Mr. Higgins pays both of the school's cafeteria ladies nearly twice as much as what the teachers get.




Recently there've been rumors that a vampire has been living in the nearby city of Covington, a vampire going by the name "Pugh." Some say that a lot of birds are always hanging around in areas where he appears, others say that he's been volunteering at a Bloodmobile in order to take the blood donation packets for himself. Maybe you'll come across him at some point during your exploration of the secret places buried deep beneath Alleghany High School?