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A listing of items found in the game, ranging from HP-restoring food items to a variety of useful equipment. Please note that this page only includes items available in the current demo release, so not every item in the game will be included. Much of this information is also found in the game's Readme file, but unlike the readme it will be updated with new items as more of the game gets finished -- in terms of how much information will be included, the readme is the "instruction manual" covering just the basics while this page is more like the "official strategy guide."


Items which can only be used once, usually in battle. The most common of these are food items (which restore HP) and drinks (which restore EP), but there are others which attack enemies or cause various other effects.

Food and drinks[edit]

  • Chips: Plain chips, tasting of grease and salt with a hint of potato. Restores 30 HP.
  • S&V Chips: Salt and vinegar flavored potato chips. Restores 50 HP.
  • Pop-Tart: Toaster pastry filled with fruit or chocolate. Restores 100 HP.
  • Pizza: An oddly-shaped slice of pizza from the cafeteria. Restores 250 HP.
  • Italian Sub: Tasty sandwich which fully restores both HP and EP.
  • Life Biscuit: Revives an unconscious ally with a small amount of HP.
  • Bottled Water: Plastic-flavored water. Restores 10 EP.
  • Gatorade: Sports drink that tastes of liquid cardboard. Restores 25 EP.
  • Mountain Dew: Bright yellow-green sugary beverage. Restores 100 EP.
  • Pekauh-Cola: It's made with real Pekauh! Fully restores EP.
  • Antidote: Liquid medicine which cures poison when drank in battle.
  • Yogurt: Made with the aid of bacteria. Somehow, this cures paralyzed allies.
  • Honey: Sweet, sticky bee vomit. Good for sore throats and curing mute status.

Battle items[edit]

  • Stink Bomb: Poisons all enemies with a blast of disgusting-smelling gas.
  • Smoke Bomb: Reduces all enemies' Accuracy using a cloud of thick smoke.
  • Goo Bomb: Reduces all enemies' Speed with an unknown sticky substance.
  • Chiba Ball: Tightly-packed ball of spiky plant seeds. Causes heavy Earth-elemental damage when thrown.
  • Split Chiba: A Chiba Ball which splits apart when thrown, dividing the power of a standard Chiba Ball to pelt all enemies with spiky plant seeds.
  • Garbanzo: Provides the user with an extra hit for the remainder of the battle.
  • Hamster Scroll: Reduces the user's EP costs to next-to-nothing for the remainder of the battle.
  • Foshizzlapeño: Doubles the user's Shiznit for the remainder of the battle.


Though most of your party members are tougher than an ordinary human even when fighting with just their bare hands, stronger opponents might be hard to handle without a good weapon -- so be on the lookout for these!

Eddie's Weapons[edit]

  • Hockey Stick: A plastic hockey stick like the ones occasionally used in PE class. Increases Attack by 5.
  • Old Mop: A worn-out old mop without the head -- so it's basically just a plain ol' stick. Increases Attack by 6, but reduces Accuracy by 1.
  • Duct-Tape Stick: A stick wrapped in duct-tape, providing anti-Moronic properties which cause it to hit even harder against enemies such as Thugs and Bullies. It cannot land a critical hit if the user's EP is depleted, but if it does, the resulting attack penetrates the target's defenses. Increases attack by 16.
  • Lead Pipe: A heavy lead pipe found in the sewers. Increases Attack by 28, but reduces Accuracy by 3 and Speed by 1.

Joguo's Weapons[edit]

  • Pocketknife: A small foldable knife which Joguo brings with him to school just in case. Increases Attack by 4.
  • Steak Knife: A sharp knife for cutting meat, wielded by marauding Tray Lunches -- if you defeat one in battle, it may drop its weapon. Increases Attack by 6.
  • Poisoned Knife: A knife dipped in poison. Same attack power as a Steak Knife, but with a chance of poisoning enemies with each hit. Upon landing a critical hit, this chance rises from 20% to a whopping 50%.
  • Deluxe Knife: A fancy chef's knife, it has an incredibly sharp edge. Increases Attack by 11.
  • Sabre: A curved sword with a hand-guard, previously owned by a certain mutated warrior. Increases Attack by 20 and boosts both Defense and Evade by 1.

Bridget's Weapons[edit]

  • Fake Nails: Bridget's false nails, which have been sharpened for use in battle. Increases Attack by 2.
  • Metal Claws: A set of sharp metal claws, which can sometimes be retrieved from the wreckage of robotic enemies. Increases Attack by 7.
  • Kreuger Glove: Made by attaching a set of metal claws to an old baseball mitt found in the locker room. Increases Attack by 15 and Defense by 1.

Damuru-J's Weapons[edit]

  • Silver Staff: A silvery-colored staff which Damuru-J had with her upon awakening. Despite its low attack power, it contains a mysterious energy which causes great harm to evil or "unnatural" foes, such as the undead. It cannot land a critical hit if the user's EP is depleted, but if it does, it unleashes a Water-elemental burst which penetrates the target's defenses. Increases Attack by 7 and Power by 3.

Other Weapons[edit]

  • Golf Club: One of Adam Nebozu's golf clubs, a 9-iron to be specific. If it happens to be unequipped, Adam can't use his golf-based special attacks at all. Increases Attack by 5.
  • Wrench: A standard-issue toolbox wrench which Jay brings with him to school. Increases Attack by 6.
  • Mallet: A big wooden mallet, reminiscent of the sort wielded by a famous hamster. Increases Attack by 9.
  • Brass Knuckles: A set of punch enhancers, occasionally dropped by Thugs. Increases Attack by 3 and Defense by 1.

Other Equipment[edit]

Items which can be equipped by one or more of your party members. Generally they increase the user's stats, though some have other effects which might be even more useful in certain circumstances.

Necklaces and Scarves[edit]

  • Plastic Necklace: A cheap plastic necklace in the shape of a heart. Bridget starts out with this equipped. Increases Defense by 1.
  • Silver Necklace: An expensive-looking silver necklace. Increases Defense by 1 and Wisdom by 2.
  • Scarf: A regular ol' scarf made of green cloth. Joguo starts out with this equipped. Increases Defense and Wisdom by 1.
  • Elite Scarf: An expensive, hard-to-find scarf; its strength comes from the placebo effect. Increases Defense by 2 and Wisdom by 1.

Glasses and Headwear[edit]

  • Glasses: Eddie's prescription glasses, which he starts out having equipped. Increases Accuracy and Wisdom by 1.
  • Shades: A pair of dark sunglasses hidden away in the library. Increases Defense by 1 and Wisdom by 2.
  • Goggles: A pair of protective safety goggles, as used in some science classes. Increases Defense and Wisdom by 2.
  • Night-Vision Goggles: Goggles which allow sight in all environments, preventing blindness. Increases Defense and Wisdom by 2 and Accuracy by 1.
  • Circlet: A shiny metal thing intended to be worn on one's head. Increases Defense, Wisdom, and Shiznit by 1.

Body Armor[edit]

  • Light Jacket: A lightweight jacket, maybe more along the lines of a windbreaker. Bridget starts out with this equipped. Increases Defense by 1.
  • Jacket: A standard jacket, made of thick cloth. Eddie starts out with this equipped. Increases Defense by 2 and Wisdom by 1, but reduces Evade by 1.
  • Trenchcoat: A long, dark-colored trenchcoat. Increases Defense by 5 and Wisdom by 2, but cuts Evade by 2.
  • Business Suit: A suit worn by rich kids, Adam starts out with this equipped. Increases Defense by 2, but reduces Evade by 1.
  • Tuxedo: An expensive-looking tuxedo. Somebody must have worn it to prom or something. Increases Defense by 4 and Wisdom by 2, but reduces Evade by 1.
  • Haz-Mat Suit: A protective suit that blocks toxic materials. It provides resistance to Poison-elemental attacks and immunity to poisoning by any means. Increases Defense by 8 and Wisdom by 5, but reduces Evade by 5 and Speed by 1.
  • Bulletproof Vest: A protective vest made from tough Kevlar material. Increases Defense by 14 but reduces Evade by 1.
  • Robes: Long, white robes which Damuru-J is wearing upon her awakening. Increases Defense and Wisdom by 1, but reduces Evade by 1.

Rings and Other Oddities[edit]

  • Copper Ring: A red-orange metal ring. Increases Wisdom by 1.
  • Class Ring: A big, bulky AHS class ring. Adam starts out with this equipped. Increases Defense and Wisdom by 2.
  • Jalapeño: A hot pepper which provides resistance to Fire-elemental attacks when equipped.
  • Fish Oil: Funky-smelling liquid which provides resistance to Water-elemental attacks when equipped.
  • Dirt Jar: A jar of dirt which provides resistance to Earth-elemental attacks when equipped.
  • Pekauh Orb: The tail-orb of a Pekauh which provides resistance to Æther-elemental attacks when equipped.
  • Bug Shell: A molted bug exoskeleton which provides resistance to Poison-elemental attacks when equipped.
  • Mustache: A fake mustache which protects against stun, slow, and similar effects when equipped.
  • Zo Bottle: A mysterious bottle which protects against mute, fear, and similar effects when equipped.
  • Avery Award: A shiny award of unknown origins. It increases Shiznit by 5 when equipped.


Various items which you may or may not be able to find some use for during your investigation of what's going on in Alleghany High School.

  • Office Key: Opens the door to AHS's main office.
  • Rusty Key: A worn-out old key that's a little rusty in a few spots. What doors does it unlock?
  • Old Mitt: A worn-out old catcher's mitt, left abandoned in a locker somewhere.
  • Duct Tape: Tough, silvery, and sticky, it's said to fix everything.
  • Yuckfood: A blob of smelly, disgusting cafeteria food... or something similar.
  • Machine Parts: The wreckage of a defeated robot. Maybe there's some use for it?
  • Comic Books: Various titles, from Bob the Hamster to Sea Slug Man. Not useful on their own, but maybe somebody will trade you something else for them?