Game:Tim-Tim 2

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Tim-Tim 2
Developer(s) Spoonweaver
Website Spoonweaver's Blog
Release date 2022
Genre Metroidvania / Sidescroller
Download [1]
Credits | Soundtrack | Secrets | Walkthrough

Have a big journey in a small place filled with magic, monsters, and mystery in TIM-TIM 2: "THE ALMIGHTY GNOME", a sidescrolling adventure game about a magic wielding gnome. Questing for love and armed with magical scrolls, you will explore dungeons and find that which was taken.

   A big world for a little gnome with over 100 maps to explore.
   Plenty of treasure to find and secrets around every corner.
   Bosses, dungeons, multiple different spells, and townsfolk to interact with.
   An amazing sound track, handcrafted for you to enjoy on your gnomish journey.
   Square Shaped Mushrooms!

This is the sequel to the little known game called, Tim-Tim "The Mighty Gnome". This game as well as the original was made using the O.H.R.RPG.C.E. which is an RPG making game engine. I can't answer why it wasn't made with one of the many other engines that would make the job easier or simply made with pure coding as the engine features played only a small role in the game development. I just like the engine.