Graphical Subversion (for Windows users)

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A nice graphical subversion client is available from

Checking out[edit]

Checkout dialog
Success dialog

To get the latest source using Tortoise SVN (svn checkout for the console version), simply do these steps:

  • Install Toroise SVN (see link above)
  • Go into Windows Explorer
  • Make a new folder for the source (in this example, C:\OHRRPGCE)
  • Browse to that folder
  • Right click, and choose "SVN Checkout..." from the list
  • In the "URL of Repository" box, enter the URL to the repository
  • In the "Checkout Directory" box, make sure it shows the folder you want to use.
  • Click OK!

You should see a dialog similar to this one, which indicates the progress of the Checkout. When it's done, it'll say so.

Status of the Source[edit]

To find out the current status of your copy of the source (svn status for the console version):

Changed Files dialog
  • Browse to the source folder in Explorer
  • Right click on the folder, and select Tortoise SVN->Check For Modifications.

Making Patches[edit]

If you already have the source, and want to make a patch, you can do this:

  • Make the changes (of course)
  • Browse to the source folder in Explorer
  • Right click on the folder (to make a patch for all changed files) or the appropriate files (for specific files) and choose Tortoise SVN->Create Patch
  • Choose a filename for the patch, and press "Save"

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