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Each contestant in the Heart of the OHR 2018 contest can request an OHRRPGCE feature or prioritised bug fix from TMC. The goal was to quickly implement things that people want in their games - within three months. For the 2018 contest, there are clear rules for how HeartBugs will be awarded. Contestants need to prove their game exists, and continue working on it.

Requests should be made in the official HotOHR 2018 contest threads. Requests accepted starting June 1st.

Unfortunately, TMC failed to meet his self-imposed deadlines, but will still finish all requests.

Official list of entries (duplicated in the table).

Author/Team Game Game Status Request Request Status Request Deadline Notes
guo Bale (rerelease) Released Option to hide experience or level on the status, load/save & victory screens Accepted Sept 1st
The Wobbler/Soda_piggy/et al. Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy (rerelease) Released Adjustable speed for attack movements like Projectile Accepted Sept 1st
Ichiro Dark Planet (rerelease) Released Partial import of a font from an .ohf file Work in progress Sept 1st
TheLordThyGod Hinterlands: Pilgrimage Released More MP-like stats Accepted
kylekrack/SwordPlay Restoration of the K'ab Demo released, Dropped out Script commands to alter shop item stocks Work in progress Nov 10th
Feenicks False Skies Released Item script commands, especially to read equip bonuses Accepted Sept 29th
robcurrie ? Dropped out None
thecrimsondm One Pirate: Adventure in the Crystal Cave
Masks: 15 pages
Hero: Adventure in Animal Kingdom
My Little Pony: Trixie's Adventure on the Rock Farm
One Pirate: Adventure in the Crystal Cave
One Pirate: Adventure in Summer Island
Released Equipment durability Accepted Sept 6th
Baconlabs Viridian Dreams Dropped out Script commands to control volume and balancing of sound effects Accepted Sept 28th
Fnrrf­Ygm­Schnish (unnamed) Dropped out Options to hide equip stat increases in shops (& default stat visibility settings) Accepted Sept 1st
Spoonweaver Tim-Tim 2 Dropped out Work on console ports Accepted Sept 1st
Foxley Snowshoe Forest (rerelease) Dropped out Longer textbox choice text lengths and more choices Work in progress Nov 8th
Mammothstuds Hanu in Hell Demo released, Dropped out None
Gaplan Dreamwalkers Released Display stats for time spent editing a game DONE -
Morpheus­Kitami Arc Wars
Zalag: Glustu
Released "import/export tags" commands (from saves) Accepted
BlastedEarth Musha Shugyo Dropped out More frames for hero attack animations Accepted Nov 1st
dantedynamite Drydocks - A Merchant RPG (rerelease) Released None
Idontknow You Need A Hero (rerelease) Released Much longer item descriptions Accepted Nov 26th
Nathan Karr Trytuges Released Default items for all equip slots, not just weapons Work in progress Nov 1st
whoapotato Meat Dropped out None
Chalk Flower Asphodelus
Released None
Kefyrra Birdcaged Released Hero transmogrification Accepted
TheMan really hard game Released None
Bird Rolling, Radical Revolution Released Windows 98 support DONE -

Game Status Color Key[edit]

Released Screenshots posted, proving existence Dropped out part way through Stated intent to enter contest only

Request Status Color Key[edit]

DONE Work in progress Accepted Waiting before accepting Request on hold: no game updates Not accepted yet: missing screenshots No valid request yet

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