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Each contestant in the Heart of the OHR 2018 contest can request an OHRRPGCE feature or prioritised bug fix from TMC. The goal is to quickly implement things that people want in their games - within three months. This year, there are clear rules for how HeartBugs will be awarded. Contestants need to prove their game exists, and continue working on it.

Requests should be made in the official HotOHR 2018 contest threads. Requests will be accepted starting June 1st.

Author/Team Game Game Status Request Request Status Request Deadline Notes
guo Bale (rerelease) Confirmed Option to hide experience or level on the status, load/save & victory screens Accepted Sept 1st
The Wobbler/Soda_piggy/et al. Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy (rerelease) Confirmed Adjustable speed for attack movements like Projectile Accepted Sept 1st
Ichiro Dark Planet (rerelease) Confirmed Partial import of a font from an .ohf file Accepted Sept 1st
TheLordThyGod Hinterlands: Pilgrimage Confirmed None
kylekrack (unnamed) No screenshots None
Pheonix  ? Confirmed None
robcurrie  ? One screenshot None
thecrimsondm One Pirate: Adventure in the Crystal Cave
Masks: 15 pages
Released Equipment durability Accepted Sept 6th
Baconlabs Viridian Dreams? No screenshots None
Fnrrf­Ygm­Schnish (unnamed) Confirmed None
Spoonweaver Tim-Tim 2 Confirmed Work on console ports Accepted Sept 1st
Foxley Snowshoe Forest (rerelease) Confirmed None
Mammothstuds Hanu in Hell Confirmed None
Gaplan Dreamwalkers Confirmed None

Game Status Color Key[edit]

Released Screenshots posted, proving existence No game updates for a month Stated intent to enter contest, but no screenshots

Request Status Color Key[edit]

DONE Work in progress Accepted Waiting before accepting Request on hold: no game updates Not accepted yet: missing screenshots No valid request yet

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