How do I allow players to rename characters?

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This is an easy thing to do (Ed. Note: This time I mean it!). There's three ways to do this:

  • Rename when added to party
  • Rename on menu
  • Rename hero plotscripting command

Rename when added to party[edit]

In the Hero Bitsets menu, there is an option entitled rename when added to party. If this bitset is on, then when the hero is added to the party (in any number of ways: Plotscripting, textbox, shop, whatever), then the "name hero" box pops up. The player can type in a name, and the hero gets to use it. Simple!

Menu-hero-(on-bitset).png Menu-hero-bitset-rename.png

Rename on menu[edit]

There is another bitset right below that entitled Permit renaming on status screen which (as it says) allows that hero to be renamed on the hero status screen. Simple too! When you first go to the status screen, you will see the hero's stats. Press the use button once to see elemental strengths and weaknesses, and press it a second time to rename the hero (if allowed)

Rename on status screen.png

Rename Hero command[edit]

This one is slightly more complicated, as it involves plotscripting. However, it also offers the most flexibility. Here's a sample script:

script, the cutscene, begin
  # add cutscene stuff, resulting in Bob being added to the party
  rename hero(hero:bob)
  # now he can talk directly

This is a simple cutscene where a hero is added (it's implied) and renamed. Easy as pie!

Naming Hero on text boxes[edit]

Now you may wonder what names should be given to a hero that can be renamed in so many ways when you write the dialogues. Well once again, it's easy as pie, we'll type directly on the text box the variable (and not the name) that contains the name of the hero. Here is a example above

[[Variable HeroName.jpg]]

As you can see, all you have to key in is ${C0} for the leader, ${C1} for the second hero in the party, etc...

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