How do I get rid of the Ctr (counter) stat?

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It's not currently possible to get rid of or hide any stat. The best to can do is to blank out the name for any stats you don't want (which leaves a 0 visible), or perhaps use them to show something else, either another battle stat (like the base stat for a special class of attacks), or something unrelated to battles such as FF8's salaries.

The Ctr stat is often used as a temporary variable in battle, such as tracking a hero's rage, used as the best stat for special attacks. It will never be actually be given a special use like counter attacking (that might use a new stat)

Dorumagesu: You can use this stat for something like style or cool. It doesn't have to do with battle. Dragon Warrior 7 has a stat like that.

Abelhawk: Another possibility is simply using it to track the hero (or more useful, the enemy)'s level.